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Tapped Out: EA announces the Monorail is coming!

11822610_862798440456259_3044909011568538335_nAfter dropping Level 56 yesterday, EA just dropped another bomb:

On their official Facebook Page for Tapped Out, EA released the image on the left.

What’s it you may ask?

Simpsons_04_12It’s Monorail Conductor Homer!

EA left this message on the page:

Seeking one brain-dead slob for a very cushy job! Pants Optional! Can you guess who fills the newest job in Springfield? Stay tuned and find out!

Are you ready for the Monorail?


Let’s hope also for something in memory of Leonard Nimoy, maybe him as a playable character?

And of course let’s not forget Lyle Lanley!

Stay tuned to find out more about this incoming new update!


Tapped Out: Level 56 is here: Lance Murdock and Daredevil Bart, and the Springfield Gorge!

unlock_captainmurdockLevel 56 has been released!

Lance Murdock and Daredevil Bart arrived in Springfield with their stunts.

And the gigantic Springfield Gorge finally joined the game with an amazing animation.

unlock_bart_daredevilAn interesting and dangerous questline awaits you and also the return of Truckasaurus for a limited time.

A new Friend Points prize has been added too.

Get ready to stunt with your favourite characters.

Stay tuned for all the informations regarding this new level on the update page!