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Season 31 News: A new episode title, “Podcast News”, has been revealed!

The list of episodes continues to fill up, as the title of the twenty-second, and final, episode of the 31st production season (ZABF22) has been revealed. It is titled “Podcast News“!

The episode will probably air during the 31st broadcast season (2019/20 TV season).

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Season 31 and 32 News: Cate Blanchett and David Harbour’s roles have been revealed

Guest stars’ roles for the upcoming Season 31 episode, titled “The Way of the Dog“, and the upcoming Season 32 episode, titled “Undercover Burns“, have been revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly!

EW has revealed that Cate Blanchett will appear in possibly the season 31 finale, “The Way of the Dog”, voicing a canine psychologiest, Elaine, which will help Santa’s Little Helper from his depression.

Al Jean said to EW: “She determines if there’s a trauma in his past that they have to go solve, which actually goes back to the first episode of the series. The fans will experience a callback that is older than the internet.”

Al adds that “She sleeps in the same room with him when she brings him in for treatment. She’s very loving. But with people she’s a lot more brusque. As expected, she was fantastic. We’re proud to say that we got a two-time Oscar winner to talk in dog gibberish, but it really sounded like Elvish to me.”

EW also revealed that, after bringing a Stranger Things inspired episode in Treehouse of Horror XXX, David Harbour, Jim Hopper in the show, will appear in the season 32 episode “Undercover Burns”, a parody of Undercover Boss.

Mr. Burns finds graffiti on a wall at the Power Plant, “Burns is not excellent”, and goes undercover to find what’s the problem.

Al says “Like Mission: Impossible, they give him a whole new body and face and voice so that this people in the plant won’t possibly recognize him”. David will voice the undercover Mr. Burns, “He’s supposed to be a blue-collar guy from another part of the plant, but everything he says is like Mr. Burns. He wants to go to karaoke and sing songs from the 1890s, but the guys don’t see through it”.

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Season 31 News: Marge has a doppleganger in January!

Information about the plot for the episode “Hail to the Teeth“, which will air on January 5, 2020; has been released by FOX. The episode will be the 11th episode of Season 31.

In the episode …
“Homer and Marge attend Artie Ziff’s wedding and become quite uncomfortable when they realize that his bride-to-be is a clone of Marge. Meanwhile, Lisa grapples with the misogynistic implications of the immediate popularity she receives after getting her new Invisalign braces”

For further information…
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Season 31 News: Air date, Guest Star and Director for “Hail to the Teeth”, and the Director of “Frinkcoin” have been revealed!

Air Date, Guest Star and Director for the upcoming 11th episode of Season 31, titled “Hail to the Teeth“, and the Director for the upcoming episode “Frinkcoin” have been revealed by FOX.

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Season 31 News: Even more information about “Thanksgiving of Horror” have been revealed

Even more information for the upcoming 8th episode of Season 31, titled “Thanksgiving of Horror“,  have been released by FOX.

Thanksgiving of Horror will be a new Horror special, but relative to Thanksgiving, in a similar way to “Halloween of Horror“, and this time it’s not canon.

In the last news, Charlie Brooker and Matt Selman announced that the former will be a special guest in the episode.

In a preview by EntertainmentWeekly, Fox announced new information about the episode, including a sneak peek you can check here.

The episode will be the longest single episode in the show’s history, lasting almost 25 minutes.

In the first act, we’re brought to 1624, at the scene of the first Thankgiving, where turkeys are terrorized by Pilgrims.

In the second act, Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker is the voice of a social media app inspired by the show’s episode “Nosedive”, which above preview shows a sneek peak of.

The final act takes place in the future, at the last Thanksgiving, on a spaceship excaping from a daying planet.

Matt Selman in the interview with EW said about the episode “We love ‘Treehouse of Horror’ so much that, like Thanksgiving itself, we are greedy for a second helping of horror. Thanksgiving is a scary holiday from unwanted political discussions to not knowing what time the food is being served. There’s a lot of fear there.”

Selman also gave EW ten teases about the episode:

1. “In homage to the classic scary Halloween names from ‘Treehouse of Horror,’ the show’s writers have yummy Thanksgiving names in this episode. For example, Joel H. Cohen becomes Joel Ate Corn.”

2. “The inspiration for Act One was to make a more pulse-pounding version of the movie Apocalypto.”

3. “The thrilling chase music in ‘A-Gobble-lyto’ includes actual turkeys gobbling.”

4. “The idea for a cranberry monster was inspired by sitcom writers lazily pitching on items on the Thanksgiving table, ‘cranberry’ being the second most obvious food.”

5. “The Simpsons, who are reimagined as a family of turkeys, speak only in gobble language, improvised by the voice actors at rehearsal.”

6. “Scary images recur in all three acts of the show, including a very terrifying brand of cranberry sauce, Bog Queen.”

7. “The plot of Black Mirror episode ‘White Christmas’ was the inspiration for ‘The Fourth Thursday After Tomorrow’ — with Homer in the Jon Hamm role. But like in ‘The USS Callister,’ we are rooting for the artificial intelligence to defeat the actual people.”

8. “The episode has many hidden Black Mirror Easter eggs, including references to ‘San Junipero,’ ‘The Waldo Moment,’ and ‘The National Anthem.’ Mayor Quimby looks very uncomfortable with what he might have to do Spider-pig.”

9. “This is the last episode in which you will hear the late Russi Taylor voicing Martin Prince. But trust us, Russi’s Martin goes out in memorable style.”

10. “The end credits are shown over the original Simpsons-Thanksgiving connection: actual footage of the Bart balloon at the 1991 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.”

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Season 31 News: More information about “Thanksgiving of Horror” and “Bobby, It’s Cold Outside” have been revealed

More information for the upcoming 8th episode, titled “Thanksgiving of Horror“, and 10th episode, titled “Bobby, It’s Cold Outside“, of Season 31 have been released by FOX.

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