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New Kidrobot Simpsons Figures!

Kidrobot have recently released new Simpsons figures! The Moe’s Tavern Mini Figure Series features patrons (and the Love Tester) of Moe’s Tavern. Each blind box costs $9.99.

The Simpsons CRAP-TACULAR! Keychain Series features 18 different keyrings. If you collect all eighteen before the season 30 premiere and send a photo of them to Kidrobot, you will get “something crap-tacular”. Each blind box costs $5.99.

Kidrobot has been releasing Simpsons figures since 2008. See our article for all their figures.

Simpsons Comics To Come To an End After 245 Issues

Bongo Comics series Simpsons Comics is to come to an end after 245 issues.

The 245th issue will be released in October 2018. Over recent years, multiple series from Bongo Comics have been discontinued, or reduced to a limited release on the Simpsons Store app. The future of Bongo Comics itself is also not known, with most series from them on hiatus or cancelled.

It is currently unknown if there will be a successor to Simpsons Comics or nor.

Stephen Hawking Dies Aged 76

World renowned physicist and The Simpsons guest star Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76.

Stephen Hawking made several appearances on the show, voicing himself via his voice synthesizer. He also made an appearance in The Simpsons: Tapped Out as a playable character.

In 1963, Hawking was only given a few years to live due to his amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which gradually paralyzed him over years and could only communicate via a voice synthesizer. He passed away peacefully in his home in Cambridge on March 14th.

Hawking first guest starred on the show in the season 10 episode “They Saved Lisa’s Brain“. His daughter, Lucy Hawking, knew one of the scriptwriters for The Simpsons who was interested in writing an episode involving Stephen Hawking, and she convinced him to guest star.


Disney to Acquire Rights to The Simpsons

Disney have announced that they plan to buy a majority of 21st Century Fox‘s assets. A press release today confirmed that Disney would acquire 21st Century Fox for approximately $52.4 billion in stock. Among these acquisitions are the X-Men, Avatar and The Simpsons.

It is currently unknown what impact, if any, this deal will have on The Simpsons.

The Simpsons “predicted” this in the 1998 episode “When You Dish Upon a Star“. A sign outside the Fox Studios (pictured) said “20th Century Fox: A Division of Wald Disney Co”.

We’ll update with more information as the story develops and as we learn more about what this will mean for the future of the show.


Alf Clausen Fired from The Simpsons

Alf Clausen, long-time composer for The Simpsons, has reportedly been fired from the show after 27 years composing music for the show.

According to an article published by Variety, Clausen received a call from producer Richard Sakai who told him they were looking for “a different kind of music” for the show.

Clausen joined the show back in season 2, first composing for the original “Treehouse of Horror” episode. He has since gone on to score over 600 episodes of the show. Clausen has won two Emmy Awards and five Annie Awards during his tenure on the show.

Adam West Has Died at 88

American actor Adam West, best known for playing Batman in the 1960s TV series Batman, has died at age 88 after a battle with leukemia. He died on Friday night, surrounded by his family.

Adam West had multiple roles on The Simpsons, voicing himself in the season 4 episode “Mr. Plow” and reprising his role as Batman in the season 14 episode “Large Marge“. He also voiced Mayor Adam West in Family Guy, a role which he reprised in the Family Guy/The Simpsons crossover episode, “The Simpsons Guy“.

West is survived by his wife Marcelle, his six children, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.


Season 29 News: Shaquille O’Neal to Guest Star in Season 29

Former basketball player Shaquille O’Neal is to guest star in an a season 29 episode of The Simpsons.

The episode, which will air sometime in late 2017 or early 2018, will see Homer go to Shaq to ask him for help. O’Neal has also appeared as an unvoiced character in season 22‘s “Love Is a Many-Strangled Thing“.

Season 29 is set to air in Fall 2017 and will also see Rachel Bloom and Norman Lear guest starring.