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Season 28 News: A new couch gag for tonight’s repeat of Pork and Burns was released!

At the start of tonight’s air of Pork and Burns, a new couch gag was shown.

Referincing the August 21st’s eclipse and Game of Thrones, it was made available on youtube shortly after.

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Season 29 News: A new Special Guest announced, plus a joke change?

A new guest star for Season 29 has been revealed as Nikolaj Coster-Waldau joins the list, in the episode “The Serfsons“!

Matt Selman in an interview with EntertainmentWeekly said about the episode as “a love letter to the fantasy genre of books and movies and TV shows.”

Regarding the character played by Nikolaj, Matt hints: “He plays a character not unlike Jamie. He has a surprising and sexy connection to one of the main characters.”

Matt says also regarding Game of Thrones and characters and actors appearances on the show: “We would love to have all of them — hopefully we don’t wait too long before they’re all killed. They’re all terrific. Peter Dinklage has an amazing voice. We’re just nerds who want to meet our nerd heroes.”

Season 29 premieres on October 1st.

Source: EntertainmentWeekly

On further note, a scene for an episode of Season 29 was going to have Sideshow Mel say that they want a female Doctor Who, with the crowd agreeing and chanting with him.

The scene would have appeared in the episode “Homer Is Where the Art Isn’t“.

(*Note: Show 5 means XABF05)

The joke is likely going to be changed in the episode though, as on July 16, 2017, Jodie Whittaker was announced to be the Thirteenth Doctor.

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Don’t forget to visit our page on Season 29, as we always try to keep it up-to-date!