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Season 29 News: Two Sneak Peeks for “The Old Blue Mayor She Ain’t What She Used to Be” have been released

Two Sneak Peeks for the upcoming 6th episode of season 29, titled “The Old Blue Mayor She Ain’t What She Used to Be“, have been released. The episodes will air on November 12, 2017. The 2nd one includes sneak peeks of the other shows of the night too.

Stay tuned for more!

Sneak Peeks

-The videos have been privated and were removed.-

Season 29 News: Sneak Peeks for “Whistler’s Father” and “Treehouse of Horror XXVIII” have been released!

A new Sneak Peek for season 29‘ 3rd episode, titled “Whistler’s Father“, that aired tonight, and a Sneak Peek for the 4th episode, titled “Treehouse of Horror XXVIII” (related to the segment The Exor-Sis), airing next week, have been released.

Stay tuned for more!

Whistler’s Father Sneak Peek

Treehouse of Horror XXVIII – “The Exor-sis” Sneak Peek

-The video was privated and have been removed.-