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US ratings: Awards and football hit ‘Simpsons'; falls to season low

Don’t worry, Moe – at least you didn’t get beaten by “Bob’s Burgers” this time.

“The Simpsons” usually copes OK up against football, but this past Sunday it had the double whammy of football and the American Music Awards – which hasn’t been kind to the show in the past, and wasn’t on Sunday. At least “Bob’s Burgers”‘ local NFL boost didn’t mean it beat “The Simpsons” in this case… it just tied it.

Sunday’s episode scored 1.1/4 and 2.67 million viewers.

This is down on the last episode without a football lead-in encouraging the ratings upwards (“Grampy Can Ya Hear Me“, 1.3/5 and 2.859m), and down on the equivalent episode last season (“Dad Behavior“, 1.3/4 and 2.876m). The 1.1 is a season low, and is the lowest 18-49 rating “The Simpsons” has ever recorded in fall; that 2.67m is also a new season low and fall low in viewership. However, Sunday’s episode was the highest-rated show of Fox primetime and, in the 18-49 demo, of all scripted shows on broadcast TV.

Around 53% of the viewers of Sunday’s episode were aged 18-49 – that’s approximately 1.42m.

After seven episodes, this season is averaging 1.5/6 and 3.62m, down from this time last season – after eight episodes (more of which were football-boosted), it was averaging 2.0/6 and 4.56m.

It seems the fact that, even though the AMAs were steady year-to-year, it was the higher football ratings than last year that lowered “The Simpsons”‘ ratings this time around. In fact, there was the added issue of there being an opposition of around 30 million viewers for Sunday’s episode – way higher than normal.

See you on December 5th for a ratings analysis of the next episode (which will be boosted by football, as both December eps were last year) – it’s off this Sunday due to “Miss Universe”. Until then…

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Season 29 News: Bart goes missing this December

The plot of the upcoming 9th episode of season 29, titled “Gone Boy“, has been released.

In the episode …

When Bart goes missing, the town puts together a search party to find him. After most give up hope, Sideshow Bob manipulates Millhouse into revealing where Bart is hiding.

For further information…
If you want to read the original listing from FOX, visit this page.

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Stay tuned for more!

US ratings: Football lead-in boosts ‘Simpsons’ to top non-sport show

“Homer, I know you like to watch football half-naked – and we need to appreciate it for the audience boost it gives us – but please, next time, eat any food you would otherwise substitute for underpants from the fridge.”

Local elections in the US recently saw a slew of women elected to posts, and the trend continued on Sunday, with Marge becoming Springfield’s mayor. She probably would’ve have preferred her mayoral debut to pull in the crowds without football behind it, but a boost in viewership is a boost in viewership…

Sunday’s episode scored 1.9/7 and 4.745 million viewers. This was down on the last football-boosted episode (directly; “Springfield Splendor“, 2.2/8 and 5.245m) and on the equivalent episode last year (“Havana Wild Weekend“, 3.1/9 and 7.1m). Despite this, Sunday’s ep was the highest-rated show of FOX’s night post-football, and in the 18-49 demo on all broadcast networks outside of football.

Around 52% of the viewers of Sunday’s episode were aged 18-49 – that’s approximately 2.47m.

After six episodes, this season is averaging 1.6/6 and 3.78m, down from this time last season – after seven episodes (more of which were football-boosted), it was averaging 2.1/7 and 4.80m.

Opposition to Sunday’s episode on broadcast TV was around 23m – normal.

See you next Tuesday for the results of Homer’s bowling tournament revival – and by that, I mean how many tuned in to watch it, and considering it doesn’t have a direct football lead-in this Sunday, and is against the American Music Awards (which “The Simpsons” has suffered against in the past), we could be looking at a season low for the next ep.

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Season 29 News: A new episode title revealed!

The list of episodes continues to fill up, as the title of the twentieth episode of the 29th production season (XABF20) has been revealed. It is titled “From Russia Without Love“!

The episode will probably air during the 29th broadcast season (2017/18 TV season).

Stay tuned for more new episode titles!

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