‘Simpsons’ and how fourth day’s the charm….

“We now have a reason to love football in this house!”

Fox decided last season to ignore the live+same day ratings (those who watched a show on the day of original broadcast) and to focus on the ratings that came from viewers watching on catch-up (which explains why flop Scream Queens eked its way to a second season). The Simpsons has only appeared in the top 25 broadcast show lists for live+3 catchup when the episodes have been NFL boosted so far this season.

The first NFL-boosted episode of the season, “Friends and Family” had 2.6 on its original airing, and after three days of catch-up, gained 0.3 and 12% versus its Live + Same Day rating, to 2.9, ranking 13th of the top 25 broadcast shows in Live+3 18-49s of the week ending October 2nd. “Treehouse of Horror XVIII” was boosted also, gaining 0.4 and 13% versus its live+same day rating to 3.4, ranking 8th in the broadcast shows of the week; this episode seemed to have had the “Treehouse of Horror” aspect work its way into the higher viewership as well, and to a lesser extent the fact it was the 600th episode (although the 500th did see an increase due to its landmark status).

In both cases, they were the second most-watched shows of the week in 18-49 ratings for FOX, behind Empire, which had 5.1 and 4.6 respectively. Outside of football-inflated episodes, The Simpsons usually is a non-appearance in the list, and probably only gains a tenth or two in catch-up, since Family Guy usually sneaks into the list with a similar live+same day rating.

The next football-aided episode isn’t for another two weeks, so we probably won’t be seeing The Simpsons in the list again until the episode in which they take Grampa to Cuba – are they sure that’s a good idea?

Source: TVByTheNumbers

Season 28 News: Air Date and Details for “Havana Wild Weekend” have been revealed!

The Air Date and Details for the upcoming 7th episode of season 28, titled “Havana Wild Weekend“, has been released by FOX.

Air Date

The episode airs November 13, 2016.


When the Retirement Castle and the V.A. Hospital can’t solve Grampa‘s health issues, the Simpsons decide to take a family trip to Cuba to get him cheap medical care.

Special Guests

Stacy Keach will guest star as H.K. Duff and Deb Lacusta will guest star as Isabella.

Source: Chris Ledesma’s Twitter, FOX.com

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600th ‘Simpsons’ doubles week-on-week with football lead-in

We’ve had 27 Halloweens and 600 episodes – but no father-daughter refuse collecting costume opposites.

Halloween isn’t for two weeks, yet The Simpsons decided to broadcast their annual Treehouse of Horror episode, which coincidentally was also the show’s 600th episode. And if that wasn’t enough to get people watching, 15 million viewers were tuned into FOX beforehand, half the number watching the spooky celebration.

Treehouse of Horror XVIII” entertained 7.442 million viewers on Sunday night (October 16), up 1.4 million from “Friends and Family”, this season’s only other NFL-inflated episode so far, over double last week’s non-NFL-boosted episode, and was the highest audience for the show since January’s “Teenage Mutant Milk-Caused Hurdles” with 8.33 million viewers; the episode also had a 3.0/10 in the 18-49 demographic, 0.4/1 higher than “Friends and Family”, double the rating last week’s episode had (1.5/5) and was the show’s highest 18-49 rating also since “Hurdles”, which had a 3.6/10.

Sunday’s episode ranked six in the most-watched broadcast shows in adults 18-49 for October 10-16, 2016 with 3.907 million of its viewers in that demographic.

The episode adjusted down slightly from 3.1/10 and 7.514 million viewers in the preliminaries, but was still the top non-sport show of the night by 1.4/5, a difference both “Family Guy” (2nd most-watched non-sport show of the night; 1.6/5, 3.677) and “Son of Zorn” (3rd; 1.5/5, 3.775) edged over, despite both being down 0.1 from their last episodes.

The “Treehouse of Horror” ep was higher than the rating for last year’s, which had 2.8/8 and 6.75 million viewers, which also had the joy of having an NFL lead-in. Sunday’s ep was the highest “THOH” episode since season 26’s “Treehouse of Horror XXV“, which had 3.6/10 and 7.76 million viewers. The equivalent episode last season was, however, “Halloween of Horror“, which had 1.7/5 and 3.69 million, just over half and under, respectively, what Sunday’s ep received. The 600th episode also achieved a higher audience than the 500th, which had a 2.6 and 5.77 million watching.

After Sunday’s episode, the first four eps are up just under 15% year-on-year with a 2.13 average in 18-49 ratings, and up 23% in total viewers with a 5.006 million average.

The highest rated show on the night was, inevitably, football, with an overrun on Fox attracting 20.102 million and a 7.0 rating. As always, the FOX audience may have been deflated by NBC football, which averaged 4.9/16 and 13.6 million from “Zorn” onwards, with around nearly 9-11 million tuned into NBC during Simpsons.

This coming Sunday’s episode doesn’t have football for a lead-in, so the 601st episode should see figures back in the mid-1s and 3/4 million viewers.

Sources: TVByTheNumbers, ShowBuzzDaily

Season 28 News: A new Promotional Image and details of “Treehouse of Horror XXVII” have been released!

A new Promotional Image and details of the 600th episode of the show, the upcoming 4th episode of season 28, “Treehouse of Horror XXVII“, have been released by FOX. The episode airs October 16, 2016.

In an interview with TV Insider, executive producer Al Jean shared more details on the upcoming 600th episode: “When we hit 100 episodes, we opened the show with Bart writing on the chalkboard, ‘I will not celebrate meaningless milestones’—so that must mean our 600th is six times as meaningless! Yes, this is a big accomplishment, but we don’t want to pat ourselves on the back about it. That would be against everything we stand for. Oh, who are we kidding? It’s incredibly cool.”

The co-executive producer Joel Cohen, writer of the episode adds: “Treehouse of Horror. here are no rules with our Halloween shows, but there are certainly times when we’ve gone, ‘Whoa! This is getting a little too gross!’ Then we pull back on the mangling a bit—just to the edge of bad taste.”

In the opening cutscenes, four bad guys, Sideshow Bob, Frank Grimes, Kodos and the Leprechaun opens off the show seeking revenge on the family. In the first story, “Dry Hard”, the kids of Springfield fight to the death in a parched town to acces Burns’ reservoir, in a Hunger Games parody. Cohen comments on parodying the movies so late: “But in a way it’s good we waited, now we can pay tribute to all four crappy movies at once!”

In the second story, “BFF”, Lisa’s imaginary friend Rachel (Sarah Silverman) gets jealous and is on a rampage to kill all of Lisa’s real friends. In the last episode, “Moefinger”, Moe’s bar reveals a secret base for a James Bond spoof. Al Jean says: “Moe and the other barflies are secretly running a high-tech spy network that’s trying to save the world. Some of the action takes place at a Steely Dan concert where everyone is on drugs. We actually got Donald Fagen to make a guest appearance and say, ‘Drugs at a Steely Dan concert? I never thought I’d see the day.’ When we want to meet a certain celebrity, we write them a part.”

Al Jean continues talking about special guests: “Jim Brooks has always been adamant that we take all points of view and never talk down to anybody. The idea that a Republican candidate for president would talk about the size of his penis during a television debate is beyond anything we would have come up with in the writers’ room.”

The voice of Lisa, Yeardley Smith, talks about the success of 600 episodes next: “We re-up your faith in humanity. While everything from the political scene to the weather changes drastically, we are a constant. We are a reminder that, no matter how crazy things get, love will last, families endure, values matter.”

And about the fact that in twenty-eight years, the characters never aged: “We are frozen in time. Homer will always be a slob and a jackass, and Marge will always forgive him. Bart will forever be a brat. And Lisa will never feel like she truly fits in. But they support each other. They hang in, no matter what.”

Concluding, Al Jean talks about a way the show would end, when time comes: “To my mind, the best way to go out would be to have the final episode conclude with the Christmas pageant at Springfield Elementary School that began our first episode back in 1989. That way, it won’t really be an ending at all. It’ll turn the series into one continuous loop that will play on forever.”

Source: TV Insider

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Homer Votes and the Treehouse of Horror XXVII segments titles drops, with the writer of There Will Be Buds!

The titles of the segments for the upcoming 4th episode of season 28, the 600th spooktacular “Treehouse of Horror XXVII“, have been released by FOX. The episode airs October 16, 2016.

The segment titles are going to be: “Dry Hard”, Burns’ Hunger Games for water, “BFF”, in which Lisa’s imaginary friend tries to kill all her real friends, and “Moefinger”, Bart is James Bond for Moe.

Source: Newsday

Meanwhile Homer, tired of waiting and to pass time, goes to vote in the new youtube short “Homer Votes 2016“.

On a final note, the Writer for the 6th episode of season 28, titled “There Will Be Buds“, have been revealed to be Matt Selman!

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600th Episode Build Up: Relive the 400th and 500th milestones!

Just few hours to go now for the 600th episode of The Simpsons, the 4th episode of season 28, “Treehouse of Horror XXVII“, Animation on FOX is reliving the last two milestones of the show: You Kent Always Say What You Want and At Long Last Leave. Relive them with us in the wait for the 600th, it air October 16!

Relive the 100th, 200th and 300th now here and stay tuned for more!