US ratings: Football lead-in boosts ‘Simpsons’ to top non-sport show

“Homer, I know you like to watch football half-naked – and we need to appreciate it for the audience boost it gives us – but please, next time, eat any food you would otherwise substitute for underpants from the fridge.”

Local elections in the US recently saw a slew of women elected to posts, and the trend continued on Sunday, with Marge becoming Springfield’s mayor. She probably would’ve have preferred her mayoral debut to pull in the crowds without football behind it, but a boost in viewership is a boost in viewership…

Sunday’s episode scored 1.9/7 and 4.745 million viewers. This was down on the last football-boosted episode (directly; “Springfield Splendor“, 2.2/8 and 5.245m) and on the equivalent episode last year (“Havana Wild Weekend“, 3.1/9 and 7.1m). Despite this, Sunday’s ep was the highest-rated show of FOX’s night post-football, and in the 18-49 demo on all broadcast networks outside of football.

Around 52% of the viewers of Sunday’s episode were aged 18-49 – that’s approximately 2.47m.

After six episodes, this season is averaging 1.6/6 and 3.78m, down from this time last season – after seven episodes (more of which were football-boosted), it was averaging 2.1/7 and 4.80m.

Opposition to Sunday’s episode on broadcast TV was around 23m – normal.

See you next Tuesday for the results of Homer’s bowling tournament revival – and by that, I mean how many tuned in to watch it, and considering it doesn’t have a direct football lead-in this Sunday, and is against the American Music Awards (which “The Simpsons” has suffered against in the past), we could be looking at a season low for the next ep.

Sources: TVBytheNumbers, SpottedRatings

Season 29 News: A new episode title revealed!

The list of episodes continues to fill up, as the title of the twentieth episode of the 29th production season (XABF20) has been revealed. It is titled “From Russia Without Love“!

The episode will probably air during the 29th broadcast season (2017/18 TV season).

Stay tuned for more new episode titles!

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Season 29 News: Lisa recalls her past birthdays in December

The plot, air date and guest stars of the upcoming 8th episode of season 29, titled “Mr. Lisa’s Opus“, have been released.

In the episode …

“As future Lisa writes her college application essay for Harvard, she recalls past disappointing birthdays that helped shape her.”

Guest stars for the episodes will be Norman Lear as Himself, Kipp Lennon as Voice of Michael Jackson, Jon Lovitz as Artie Ziff and Valerie Harper as Ms. Myles.

For further information…
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Season 29 News: A new episode title and Information for “The Old Blue Mayor She Ain’t What She Used to Be” and “Haw-Haw Land” have been released

A new episode title, “Baby You Can’t Drive My Car“, and Information for the upcoming episodes of season 29, “The Old Blue Mayor She Ain’t What She Used to Be” and “Haw-Haw Land“, have been released.

Keep in mind that the air date is scheduled and may vary!

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US ratings: ‘Simpsons’ falls to season low, beaten by “Bob’s Burgers”

“No more burger places for us. I mean you. Everyone apart from me, Homer.”

When a new episode of your longest-running show has fewer viewers than a new episode of a comedy shunted to a low-priority slot you only renew because anything you replace it with would fail, something’s up.

That was the tale this past Sunday on Fox, where “Bob’s Burgers” beat “The Simpsons”. But more on that in a bit…

Sunday’s outing with the yellow clan scored a 1.3/5 rating (1.2995 in unroundeds; first ep this season below 1.3, so season low), and 2.859 million viewers (the lowest viewership so far this season). This is down from the last episode (1.6/6 and 3.659m) – although, a comparison isn’t fair as that had the football and “Treehouse of Horror” boost to help it – yet steady with the last ‘normal’ episode on 15th October (“Whistler’s Father“), which had 1.3/5 and 2.905m. The episode is down from the equivalent episode last year, which had 1.4/5 and 3.14m.

The episode had a 59% 18-49 skew, meaning 1.675m of its viewers were in that demographic; in the demo, the episode ranked as the 22nd-most-watched show on broadcast networks of the week. The episode’s ratings mark a season low so far in viewership, and matches a season low in rounded 18-49 demo ratings.

So far, the season is averaging 1.5/6 and 3.586m viewers after five episodes. By this point (after six episodes) last season, the average was 1.9/6 and 4.42m (yet there were more directly-football-boosted eps at the start of last season).

Now onto the burger-flipping supremacy – to spin a hyperbole. “Bob’s Burgers”, which airs in the half-hour slot before “The Simpsons” drew a 1.4/5 rating and 2.89m on Sunday – and wasn’t only Fox’s highest-rated show of primetime, it was also their highest-rated show in primetime of the entire past week (in the 18-49 demographic). However, it seems “Bob’s Burgers” beating “The Simpsons”, which has never happened before, is just a fluke, as its numbers may have been boosted by football games overrunning in local markets.

Around 22-25 million viewers were watching shows on the other broadcast networks at the same time as “The Simpsons” – usual levels.

In catch-up news, the last episode (the “Treehouse of Horror” special) rose by 0.4 after three days of catch-up, from 1.6 to 2.0. Such catch-up is higher than usual, proving “Treehouse of Horror” still has its pulling power.

See you again next Tuesday, to see how many tuned in to see Marge run for mayor.

Sources: TVBytheNumbers, SpottedRatings

Season 29 News: Two Sneak Peeks for “The Old Blue Mayor She Ain’t What She Used to Be” have been released

Two Sneak Peeks for the upcoming 6th episode of season 29, titled “The Old Blue Mayor She Ain’t What She Used to Be“, have been released. The episodes will air on November 12, 2017. The 2nd one includes sneak peeks of the other shows of the night too.

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Sneak Peeks

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