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A summary of news: February 2015

This is the summary of all The Simpsons news from February, in case you missed anything.

Episode news

Springfield gets a new town anthem

On February 8th, “Walking Big & Tall” aired. The episode, written by Michael Price and directed by Chris Clements, guest starred Pharrell Williams as himself and Kevin Michael Richardson as Albert. Springfield learns that the town anthem they had used for 30 years was bought from a salesman and lots of other towns used it. So, Bart and Lisa help write a new town anthem. Meanwhile, Homer becomes proud of being fat.

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Marge and Moe get new jobs

My Fare Lady” aired on February 15th. Rich Sommer and Christopher Lloyd guest starred in an episode written by Marc Wilmore and directed by Michael Polcino. In the episode, Marge becomes a driver for a transportation app service to earn money. Meanwhile, Moe’s Tavern is destroyed by Homer when he watches over it for Moe and Moe becomes a janitor at the Nuclear Power Plant.

The episode also had a special couch gag by Australian animators Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon. The couch gag was created and released onto YouTube by them and was found by the producers who liked it and added it to the episode.

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Tapped Out news

The Stonecutters return

The Stonecutters made a return on the 5th February. This update was just a resale of items from the previous Stonecutters event. This update had no new content at all and was a resale of most of the old Stonecutters stuff.

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Jiminy Jillikers! Valentine’s Day was later than usual!

A week after the Stonecutters event, Valentine’s Day came around. The last two years, this was a major event. However, this update was a small update with very little new content. This was because something new and big was coming…

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Help, Sky Finger! Criminals have overrun Springfield!

February 18th brought a new event… Superheroes! This event, scheduled to end on March 23rd, added 3 new character collections; Superheroes, Vigilantes and Criminals. The update is split into four parts, called issues, and there is a comic book theme to the music, text, text bubbles and other parts. For full details, read our article.

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Comic news

Simpsons Illustrated #15 was released

Simpsons Illustrated #15 was released on February 4th. The description of the comic is:

“The Simpson family embarks on a globetrotting adventure that not only takes them around the world but, literally, into orbit around the Earth with everybody’s favorite, eternally optimistic, moonraking megalomaniac, Hank Scorpio! And when Bart finds himself living the dream after landing a gig as the new Radioactive Man comic book writer, Comic Book Guy finds himself living his worst nightmare. Then, Lisa applies her deductive skills to discovering the identity of her anonymous valentine.”

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Simpsons Comics #218 was released

Simpsons Comics #218 was released on February 18th.

Comic Book Guy falls asleep during a Sci-Fi DVD marathon and dreams up three thrilling astronomical adventures. First, Bart is recruited by a battle school, where he and a ragtag crew of cadets are trained to fight an alien war. Then, Lisa finds herself set adrift in space when the satellite she is tethered too is destroyed by Krusty-themed space junk. Finally, no one is safe when Homer and yet another ragtag band of misfits become Protectors of the Planets.

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RIP Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy, best known as Spock from Star Trek, passed away earlier today following a battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Nimoy had been diagnosed with the illness and had been in and out of hospitals for months. He was admitted to hospital on February 19th following severe chest pains and passed away today in his home.

Nimoy voiced himself in two episodes of The Simpsons; season 4‘s “Marge vs. the Monorail” and season 8‘s “The Springfield Files“.

He will be missed.


Throwback Thursday: Eating what you stole… it’s “Shoplifting”

Welcome back to another Throwback Thursday! On this date in 1989, Bart and Lisa visited a grocery store without any money (what the-?) and Bart shoplifted some candy – before being caught. Well, they were bulging out of his clothes. And then he decides to eat them. Way to get rid of the evidence, Bart. Try wiping your mouth once in a while.

Bart doesn’t seem disconcerted at all by this authority figure. Well, we can’t really tell. Shall I put it upside down?

Then, in 1995, we saw the feud between Homer, Patty and Selma intensify when Homer loses most of his money in pumpkin stocks and has to turn to Patty and Selma for a loan – but the payback isn’t what he expected.

Patty looks happy to finally get one over on Homer. How is that card staying on top of that lamp?

And, then in 2006, PE turned into tragedy as Willie lost the most important thing of his life – his shack.

Also on this day, in 1932, Johnny Cash, who voiced the cayote spirit guide in “El Viaje Misterioso…that Spanish-titled episode” was born. Andy Houts, a production assistant, died on this day in 1997, and so did Lawrence Tierney on this day in 2002, who guest starred in “Marge Be Not Proud” as Don Brodka.

So You Think You Can… DUFFMAN? on an all-new episode this March

Information about the plot for the episode “Waiting For Duffman“, which will air on March 15, 2015, has been released on The Futon

In the episode …
When Duffman undergoes hip replacement surgery and retires, the company sets up a reality show competition to find his replacement. Homer wins the competition, and because the job requires him to stay sober, he learns that beer isn’t as necessary as he thought to have a good time.”

The episode will also see the return of Howard K. Duff VIII, voiced by Stacy Keach. And it will also guest star Cat Deeley as herself.

If you want to read the original listing from The Futon, visit this page.

Stay tuned!

Throwback Thursday: Springfield relocates for a second time…”At Long Last Leave”

It’s been three years since the Simpsons were ran out of Springfield for the second time and Springfield relocated – for a second time.

The 500th episode of the show premiered on February 19, 2012, and the show is airing its 567th episode this Sunday. The Simpsons were run out of town again and set up home in the Outlands…and met Julian Assange and some crazy rednecks, which I don’t think were happy when Springfield decided to set up shop – again, there, but this time, they haven’t transported the whole town using a truck, which happened exactly 300 episodes prior to this one.

The Simpsons’ new favourite TV show is FOX…sorry, a fox.

But that’s not all we’re celebrating today, we are also celebrating 20 years since the episode where Bart’s run of offending nations continued, but hasn’t yet reached the standard Top Gear has done, and was threatened to be kicked up the bottom with a boot as a punishment for ringing someone there and inquiring which way the toilet water went down the drain – and Bart running from being kicked with a boot formed the plot for the episode.

Plus, back in the quiet Simpsons-era of early 1989, Homer and Marge try some Home Hypnotism to try and pacify the kids (well, Maggie is already…), but things don’t go to plan.

Finally, there’s another 4 things we need to comment on – births! Amy Tan, born on this day in 1952, writer, guest starred as herself in “Insane Clown Poppy”. 6 years later in 1958, Helen Fielding, best known for creating “Bridget Jones”, was born, who guest starred in “A Star Is Born Again” as herself and was interviewed in 2007 BBC2 documentary The Simpsons: A Culture Show. Then, in 1965, Jon Fishman, member of the band Phish, who voiced himself in controversial Season 13 episode “Weekend at Burnsie’s”, was born. And, then, in 1979, Brendan Hay, who wrote “Coming to Homerica”, was born.

That’s it for now! See ya next Throwback Thursday!

Homer’s leading the charge in an all-new Tapped Out event!

Homer’s leadership skills seem to develop when donning a blue jumper and a very flexible pie tin.
That’s right, folks, Homer is surprisingly the leader of something in the new Tapped Out update, inwhich we see the long-awaited implementation of all our favourite superheroes!

The Superheroes event, which will end on March 31st, is split into four (or five, technically) and revolves around the superheroes of Springfield defeating the evil criminals.

The font and some icons have changed too.

There will be four prize tracks with three prizes in each track (part), as well as the return of the crafting system from last Halloween and the upgrading system from Clash of Clones and Halloween. Carbon Rods, Freeze Rays and Arbitrarium are currency, from what I can deduct from the files, and I believe the latter is used to upgrade the Superior Squad HQ, one of the main buildings in the event.

There’s been plenty of changes and new additions, so why don’t you check out the event article here to discover more, while us at Wikisimpsons try to get all the information possible for the event article?!

That’s it for now! Sorry there’s not much, but that’s basically all we’ve got!