Back in Block Form

No, the Simpsons aren’t to become Lego again, but I don’t think Homer will take to it too well by mining coal for a living, when The Simpsons come to Minecraft!

That’s right, Xbox 360 and Xbox One players are in for a real treat late next month as TWENTY-FOUR characters, including the Simpson family are added to the console version of Minecraft in $1.99 skin packs!

Details are still sketchy as just the Simpson family is announced, but it’s bound to include some fan favorites.

“We have an active community of more than 17 million die-hard Minecrafters on Xbox Live enjoying the wide range of downloadable content on Xbox, and they have been clamoring for us to bring Simpsons characters to the game,” said Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox. “We are thrilled to partner with Twentieth Century Fox and Gracie Films to bring The Simpsons to life on Minecraft Xbox 360 and Xbox One editions. I can’t wait to see what the community creates.”

“Like The Simpsons, Minecraft is a true cultural phenomenon embraced by people of all ages, from every corner of the globe,” said Roz Nowicki, executive vice president of global sales and retail for Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products. “We know fans of the show will have a ton of fun bringing the colorful characters of Springfield into the intricate worlds they’ve been building in Minecraft.”

This is the second time The Simpsons has become involved in something Minecraft-y, as last April the show parodied the game in a couch gag for “Luca$”.

You can read more about the news below:
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*Xbox Wire – “THE SIMPSONS Coming Soon to Minecraft on Xbox”

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