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Lego Dimensions – The Simpsons Confirmed Sets

Lego Dimensions, a new Lego video game, comes out at the end of September and The Simpsons is represented in the game with three different sets and a level in the starter pack.

Lego Dimensions features collectible real life sets that can be used in the game to get new content, including characters, vehicles and levels. Each set has to be bought separately from the base game, which has some content in already.

The three sets include one level pack and two fun packs. The level pack includes Homer Simpson and the two fun packs have Bart Simpson and Krusty the Clown.

The Simpsons will have a level in the starter pack where Lord Business from The Lego Movie teams up with The Joker from DC Comics to take over Springfield. No The Simpsons characters are playable in this level without the expansion sets.

Lego Dimensions Maggie
It is unconfirmed at the moment whether any more The Simpsons sets will be released but a character list that had blurred characters has one blur resembling Maggie Simpson. So it is possible that she will become playable in a later set.

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Andrew Rannells to Guest Star in Spring

Actor and singer Andrew Rannells will guest star as himself in a season 27 episode of The Simpsons, expected to air in Spring, called How Lisa Got Her Marge Back.

The episode, expected to air in April, will see Marge take Lisa on a girls trip to Capital City where they attend a performance of Bad News Bears: The Musical, starring Rannells. After the show, he meets Lisa backstage where he tells Lisa she has a great mom and is lucky to have her.

Rannells joins a growing list of Girls stars to guest star this upcoming season, with Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet and Jemima Kirke all guest starring in the season premiere “Every Man’s Dream“.


Tapped Out: The Monorail is cruising through our cities!


lylelanley_victory_pose_image_1There’s nothing on earth
Like a genuine, bona fide
Electrified, six-car MONORAIL!!!
Springfield is getting a Monorail… again! And this time it might even work!


Conductor Homer

Lay down the tracks and take your citizens and visitors on the scenic, marginally elevated route through your city. With so many building options available, your Monorail will be as unique as your imagination, or at least your Springfield, so don’t wait for the proper building permits to start building in our new update!

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Season 27 News: Bart’s new teacher has been announced!

A new teacher has been announced for Bart after the former teacher, Mrs. Krabappel, was retired after the death of Marcia Wallace.

sofia-vergaraThe voice actress name is Sofia Vergara, which will cover the role of Mrs. Berrera. Bart will grow feelings for her after he starts drinking a milk substitute filled with bad hormones and starts experiencing early puberty and grows mustache.


Executive producer Al Jean says “She’s more forgiving than Mrs. Krabappel was of Bart. She pays special attention to him.”

Seymour Skinner also has an interest in her. Al Jean notes “We thought it’d be interesting if both Bart and Skinner have a crush on the same woman. She feels Skinner is a wounded soul that she wants to take care of. She is a vet like Skinner, and that’s his attraction.”

Jean also adds that it’s possible she can return in future episodes. “We have a situation where Bart doesn’t have a regular teacher,” referencing Mrs. Krabappel’s death, “so she may or may not come back. [Sofia] was really funny and we were glad to have her, and as she said, ‘I’m just 100 yards away on the Fox lot.’” 

The episode she’ll appear in, titled “Teenage Mutant Milk-fed Hurdles” will air in the middle of season 27.

Vergara also voiced characters in two other Fox animated series: Family Guy and The Cleveland Show.

The source of the news is Entertainment Weekly, that we’d like to thank for this exclusive news.