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We all know Maggie did it, this Throwback Thursday

Yes, today, it’s been 20 years since the first part of the Who Shot Mr. Burns? mystery aired, and the dramatic summer which ensued threw up more wrong answers than not. Interesting factoid, one person actually correctly guessed Maggie the night after broadcast but the show’s producers couldn’t contact them after the summer because they had used a then not-defunct college email address.

Anyway, what happened was this: Mr. Burns brought tons of misery to the town and trying to block the sun out was the last straw, before he tried to take Maggie’s candy and sh- someone shot him, bringing the end to season six.

It was Burns’ shadow… sorry, I’m still thinking it’s the summer of 1995.

Anyway, let’s move on from the tin foil hats and onto a behind-the-scenes look at the Simpsons. Ish.
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It’s the Last Mad Tree Suit, this Throwback Thursday

OK, I don’t think suit depicting a mad tree actually exists, but it was a pun on one of the episodes which aired on May 14 in the past. And, let’s get on with that episode which inspired the pun.

In season 11, a formerly tension-free (almost) Marge finally lets off all of her years-built up and hidden steam (again) as Otto dumps his bride-to-be on the Simpsons’ front garden and she, Becky, ends up staying with them. Marge quickly finds herself playing hostess to a Becky, and when Becky’s attempts to earn her keep upstage Marge’s own homemaking abilities, Marge quickly finds herself losing her mind. You could call it, a battle of the housewives. No pun there, couldn’t think of one.

Marge thinks she sees Becky holding a gun…
….but it just turns out to be her holding a hairdryer.

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Simpson injustices, this Throwback Thursday

There’s a new cop in town – who quit after only a few days on the force. That’s right, Marge Simpson forged the plot for “The Springfield Connection”, which aired today in 1995, when she joined the police force to fight crime on the streets but ended up arresting Homer for parking over disabled bays.

It does beg the question – how the hell did Marge and Homer not realize Herman was running a counterfeit jeans operation in their garage? They use it every day and have to replace the door every Sunday….

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America’s weird and Arizona smells funny, this Throwback Thursday

How, you ask? Well, first, the Simpsons get castigated for not killing an alligator, then Springfield Elementary School thinks that girls can’t math, I mean, can’t do math. Talk about girls not being able to do math…. I’ll get on to why Arizona stinks in a minute.

This day in 2000 saw the episode which is considered one of the worst of the show by fans air – and it wasn’t even under Al Jean as showrunner – the one where Homer says Arizona smells funny and he runs over a town in Florida’s beloved alligator with a speedboat. Oh, my, God, so comedic. So the Simpsons go on the run and the sheriff catches them and then the alligator appears – it’s only been stunned, so the Simpsons are let go and can’t return to Florida again – because they hit a bloody alligator in some small town.
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Don’t play with mints, this Throwback Thursday

Don’t mess with the Simpsons. You should know that by now.
The Simpsons have been to family therapy twice now, once in Season 1’s “There’s No Disgrace Like Home,” but they also went before that in the 1989 short “Family Therapy”, wherein the Simpson family visit a psychologist, a B.F. Sherwood after Homer tricks them by pretending to take them out for frosty chocolate milkshakes. Continue reading Don’t play with mints, this Throwback Thursday

From the lack of a school life to foraging in a one-time never-ending garden, this Throwback Thursday

Did you not hear?, the PTA disbanded!

Actually, it didn’t, so you can jump back in now.

Well, it did, for a brief minute in 1995. As tensions between Skinner and Krabappel rose to a tipping point, Bart exacerbated the situation and exploited the want for better pay by forcing the school’s teachers to strike – leading to delight for Bart, dismay for Lisa (who tried to disect her raincoat), and boredom for the tutor-striken Milhouse.
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Enjoy Hamburger Heaven, this Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday is here again and today it’s 9 years since we saw Abe Simpson become a bullfighter in a contentious bull-fighting ring after Springfield is awarded an NFL franchise – which Grampa ends up blowing their chances of actually getting it – which leads to Abe going to an assisted-suicide center. The scheme never goes through, and when Abe finally realizes that he isn’t dead, gets a new lease of life and decides to live it up, ergo bull-fighting.

Sword, or rapier, or….whatever that is, at the ready!

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It’s been two years…and almost a month, this Throwback Thursday

It may be a time for celebration for quite a few of the show’s guest stars, but today is also about remembering those who have starred and worked on the show.

It’s been nearly a month since Leonard Nimoy died, on February 27, aged 83, and today, it would’ve been his 84th birthday, as he was born on this date in 1931. And it’s been two years since the acclaimed show-writer and producer Don Payne died, aged 48, whose final two episodes, “Labor Pains” and “White Christmas Blues“, aired posthumously in 2013.

Leonard Nimoy
Don Payne

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Mothers’ and monkeys’ prerogatives and crystal balling, this Throwback Thursday

> You started all this, Susan Sarandon (who guest stars as herself)!
So, The Simpsons lose at a toy duck race and Ned Flanders gives them the prize of the FeMac, the female-orientated computer, in turn for Marge babysitting Rod and Todd, where it begins. We find Ned having the realization he smothers his kids, and that Marge is too busy caring for someone else’s she doesn’t realize that Bart has started to live at the zoo after Mr. Teeny’s imprisoned mother kidnaps Bart (with no ransom – if there was one, it’ll have been a banana). That was 2006’s “Bart Has Two Mommies”, which also saw a brief cameo from the late Maude Flanders.

Oh, welcome to Throwback Thursday!

Breaking news…the new President of the USA has yet to pay for the destruction of her brother’s frisbee. Oh, and the country’s debts.
Prior to that though, 6 years, in fact, another Bart-centred episode aired, in which Lisa also takes centre stage as the brother-hindered controversy-struck President of the USA, thanks to a strange Indian telling the story of Bart’s bleak, debtful (debtful, is that even a word?) future, in what is called one of the worst ever episodes of the show. Meanwhile, Homer and Marge try to find treasure from a former President.

Another 5 years prior, we endeavored into another Lisa story, and more future-telling as we saw Lisa’s Wedding And we go even further back in time (unlike the episodes featured in this post) to the Tracey Ullman era of most of 1989 as Bart’s Bathtime turned into a house insurance disaster.

2010 has come and gone…and Homer still hasn’t taken advantage of the extra screen space to add the extensions.
Attention, all officers, we have been apparently captured by a large yellow, amorphous creature who appears to have some sort of bubble-cannon ability.

And now, we’ll go back in time even further, but then forwards again. It was on this date the late Patrick McGoohan, who voiced the mysterious Number 6 in “The Computer Wore Menace Shoes“, was born. And later in 1947, Glenn Close, famous for voicing (partly) the late Mona Simpson, was born. Additionally, in 2002, the comic compilation Simpsons Comics Unchained was published on this date.

And that’s it for a Throwback Thursday, which I’m pretty sure beats last week in length, but, looking at next week, won’t beat that. See you next time for a birthday and sadness-fuelled Throwback Thursday.