From the lack of a school life to foraging in a one-time never-ending garden, this Throwback Thursday

Did you not hear?, the PTA disbanded!

Actually, it didn’t, so you can jump back in now.

Well, it did, for a brief minute in 1995. As tensions between Skinner and Krabappel rose to a tipping point, Bart exacerbated the situation and exploited the want for better pay by forcing the school’s teachers to strike – leading to delight for Bart, dismay for Lisa (who tried to disect her raincoat), and boredom for the tutor-striken Milhouse.

Earlier, in 1989, the Simpson family decided to briefly add a huge forest to the back of their garden, for Bart, Lisa and Maggie to borrow their father’s clothes to act like animals living in a jungle and for Homer to end up hanging upside-down in a trap for the rest of the night.

Ignore the fact that the moon is huge and that for some reason there is a huge concrete/granite wall blocking the doorway.

Dr. Zander got the height proportions….kinda right.

Also today, in 1947, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who guest starred as himself in “Love is a Many-Strangled Thing” was born, and on this date in 2010, Daryl Gates, the police chief of the LAPD for 14 years, and a guest star in the critically-panned Springfield’s Most Wanted special died, and Pat Summerall, a football player, sportscaster and guest star of himself in Super Bowl episode “Sunday, Cruddy Sunday” died on this date in 2013.

Bye for now! Smell ya next week!

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