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Writers for Havana Wild Weekend and The Great Phatsby have been announced!

06052002181855The writers for three episodes of the next season of the show, Season 28, returning September 25th, have been announced.

Dan Castellaneta, Deb Lacusta and Peter Tilden are the writers of Havana Wild Weekend, Dan Greaney is the writer of The Great Phatsby: Part One, while Matt Selman is the writer of Part Two!

Sources: Al Jean’s Twitter, Dan Greaney’s Twitter

Season 28 starts September 25th!

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The Simpsons family returns to Cuba in Season 28’s “Havana Wild Weekend”

06052002181855In Season 28 of the show, returning September 25th, the Simpsons will travel back to Cuba, in the episode “Havana Wild Weekend“! Al Jean revealed that the episode will feauture the whole family on Cuba and the streets of Havana.

Grampa is sick and he is going to be treated by the doctors there, using the great healthcare system of the archipelago.

Source: Cuba Holidays

Season 28 starts September 25th!

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All airings (and apologies) of Homer live from “Simprovised”!

All versions of the LIVE airing of the LIVE segment of the 21st episode of season 27, titled “Simprovised“, have been released. Apologies for the UK and Latin American viewers have also been released. The episode aired on May 15, 2016.

If you want to know more about the episode, check out our post on its plot!

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The Family Introduces Homer

East / Central


International / Streaming

UK apology

Latin America apology