It’s the Last Mad Tree Suit, this Throwback Thursday

OK, I don’t think suit depicting a mad tree actually exists, but it was a pun on one of the episodes which aired on May 14 in the past. And, let’s get on with that episode which inspired the pun.

In season 11, a formerly tension-free (almost) Marge finally lets off all of her years-built up and hidden steam (again) as Otto dumps his bride-to-be on the Simpsons’ front garden and she, Becky, ends up staying with them. Marge quickly finds herself playing hostess to a Becky, and when Becky’s attempts to earn her keep upstage Marge’s own homemaking abilities, Marge quickly finds herself losing her mind. You could call it, a battle of the housewives. No pun there, couldn’t think of one.

Marge thinks she sees Becky holding a gun…
….but it just turns out to be her holding a hairdryer.

I don’t think Bart’s plan to make sure Lisa is not going to jail is going to work – Milhouse’s legs are too thin, for a start!

Next, for the “Suit” of our horrific pun, from 2006. When Ned Flanders sees an exhibit at the Springfield Natural History Museum portraying evolution as the truth, he and Reverend Lovejoy form a plan to teach creationism in school and discourage evolution; and when Lisa is the only one who has the courage to teach her fellow students about the works of Charles Darwin, she’s arrested and put on trial.

And onto the “Tree” part of our completely failed pun, as Springfield’s lemon tree was stolen by Shelbyville in 1995, and Bart, Milhouse and some other kids try to retrieve it, while Homer, Ned and some other fathers end up going to retrieve their children. They eventually get the tree, back, but…….

….it seemed to have taken some damage on board.

Finally, the “Last” section of our abhorrent pun, (is that even a synonym of horrific?), as the last The Simpsons aired. Not episode, before you start tearing your hair out (even though you already know it’s been renewed upto its 28th season), but the last Ullman short, from this day in 1989. Homer sends Bart outside to fly a kite when he wants to watch bowling (something of Homer’s personality we saw virtually disappear after season 1, for one brief appearance in season 24), but the kite gets tangled in the antenna and distorts the TV picture. Homer is forced to climb up onto the roof to restore it, and ends up falling off the roof.

I knew there was a problem with all those arms…of course he’d rip the kite to shreds….!

Also today, David Bryne, artist, musician and who guest starred in “Dude, Where’s My Ranch?” as himself was born on this date in 1952, as was Mark Zuckerberg in 1984, co-foundner of Facebook and guest starring as himself in “Loan-a-Lisa”.

That’s all for this Throwback Thursday! See you next time where the Throwbacks start to wind down for the summer months.

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