Two Dozen and 681,999,976 Stamps, Anyone?, this Throwback Thursday

The poor USPS lost $1.2m from the sale of The Simpsons Stamps after only 318 million of the 1 billion that were produced began selling on this day in 2009.

Guess The Simpsons aren’t as popular as you thought…you should’ve tried selling them in 1991.

There were also some other losses born on this date over various years, such as Selma almost losing her life to the notorious Sideshow Bob in the brilliantly directed and animated “Black Widower” in 1992, the Simpson family losing out on a fortune giving away their Two Dozen and One Greyhounds to Mr. Burns (by the way, have you seen his vest?) in 1995, Barney losing his alcoholism to be able to rescue Bart and Lisa from a flaming mountain (but gaining a caffeine addicition) as he lost the Days of Wine and D’ohses in 2000, and in 2006, as Springfield lost its main source of power and Homer relocated to India where he becomes deluded to think he’s a god, as he goes “Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore” in 2006.

By the power invested in me, I order you to grab the clich├ęd donut from within your hair! Seriously, what ISN’T in there?

Also today, Hugh Hefner, magazine publisher and guest starring as himself in “Krusty Gets Kancelled” was born on this date in 1926.

That’s it for this Throwback Thursday. See you next week!

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