Don’t play with mints, this Throwback Thursday

Don’t mess with the Simpsons. You should know that by now.
The Simpsons have been to family therapy twice now, once in Season 1’s “There’s No Disgrace Like Home,” but they also went before that in the 1989 short “Family Therapy”, wherein the Simpson family visit a psychologist, a B.F. Sherwood after Homer tricks them by pretending to take them out for frosty chocolate milkshakes.

He seeks an answer to the family’s problems, saying that they don’t laugh any more. But soon the psychologist’s smug remarks about the family get on their nerves, and Bart proceeds to shoot him in the face with little plunger-guns, after eating most of his mints and then spitting them out in a congealed white substance, before Lisa cuts off the bottom of his tie. The family breaks into a collective chuckle after the psychologist kicks them out of his office – problem solved, until the following January. B.F. Sherwood later made an appearance in season 23’s “How I Wet Your Mother”, making it the longest gap between his first and second appearance of any other recurring character. His second appearance in “How I Wet Your Mother” was 3 shorts and 502 episodes after his first appearance in “Family Therapy”.

In 1992, Otto came to live with the Simpsons family and it certainly became “The Otto Show,” as Bart inadvertenly made Otto lose his job as the school bus driver, partially because he didn’t have a driver’s license, and, after being kicked out of his apartment, went to live with the Simpsons. Soon, Otto makes a nuisance of himself as he becomes comfortable laying around the house and playing his guitar, so the family resort to trying to get him back into work by taking him to the DMV and encouraging him to retake his test.

In 2006, The Wettest Stories Ever Told were in a nautical restaurant where the owner, Captain McAllister, is constantly trying to make up excuses for the Simpsons not getting their food, and so the family decide to tell some sea-tales, or yarns, as McAllister calls them.

Not sure playing basketball with the chefs is going to make the food cook any quicker, Horatio….

Also on this date, in 1857, composter Ruggero Leoncavallo, was born, who wrote “Vesti La Giubba”, which was used in The Longest Daycare and “The Italian Bob”. In 1939, Patrick Williams, another composer who scored the music for “Simpson and Delilah”, was born on this date. On this date in 1953, the late Richard Joseph, who was an additional recording engineer for the song “I Just Can’t Help Myself” for The Yellow Album, was born. Author Michael Moore was born on this date a year later, to guest star as himself in “The President Wore Pearls”. The late Jan Hooks, who voiced Manjula in six appearances, was born on this date in 1957. In 1977, John Oliver, comedian and guest starring as Booth Wilkes-John in “Pay Pal” was born. Finally, in 2002, voice of Homer Dan Castellaneta‘s album I Am Not Homer was released.

What a swashbuckling Throwback Thursday this has been. See you next week! (Remember to avoid the mints)

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