Throwback Thursday: Springfield relocates for a second time…”At Long Last Leave”

It’s been three years since the Simpsons were ran out of Springfield for the second time and Springfield relocated – for a second time.

The 500th episode of the show premiered on February 19, 2012, and the show is airing its 567th episode this Sunday. The Simpsons were run out of town again and set up home in the Outlands…and met Julian Assange and some crazy rednecks, which I don’t think were happy when Springfield decided to set up shop – again, there, but this time, they haven’t transported the whole town using a truck, which happened exactly 300 episodes prior to this one.

The Simpsons’ new favourite TV show is FOX…sorry, a fox.

But that’s not all we’re celebrating today, we are also celebrating 20 years since the episode where Bart’s run of offending nations continued, but hasn’t yet reached the standard Top Gear has done, and was threatened to be kicked up the bottom with a boot as a punishment for ringing someone there and inquiring which way the toilet water went down the drain – and Bart running from being kicked with a boot formed the plot for the episode.

Plus, back in the quiet Simpsons-era of early 1989, Homer and Marge try some Home Hypnotism to try and pacify the kids (well, Maggie is already…), but things don’t go to plan.

Finally, there’s another 4 things we need to comment on – births! Amy Tan, born on this day in 1952, writer, guest starred as herself in “Insane Clown Poppy”. 6 years later in 1958, Helen Fielding, best known for creating “Bridget Jones”, was born, who guest starred in “A Star Is Born Again” as herself and was interviewed in 2007 BBC2 documentary The Simpsons: A Culture Show. Then, in 1965, Jon Fishman, member of the band Phish, who voiced himself in controversial Season 13 episode “Weekend at Burnsie’s”, was born. And, then, in 1979, Brendan Hay, who wrote “Coming to Homerica”, was born.

That’s it for now! See ya next Throwback Thursday!

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