Season 28 News: A new Sneek Peek and Interview for “Havana Wild Weekend” have been released

A new Sneak Peek and Interview for the upcoming 7th episode of season 28, titled “Havana Wild Weekend“, has been released by FOX. The episode airs November 13, 2016.

Sneak Peek


In an interview with Variety Latino, Al Jean talks about the upcoming episode: “It was inspired by Dan Castellaneta and his wife who went to Cuba and they wanted to turn in a script. So that was the genesis and it deals with how it’s a little easier now to go to Cuba from America. This episode was written a year ago so we write about what we think will be important a year from now or five years from now. Grampa can’t get affordable healthcare even being a vet.”

Next Jean explains the new phenomenon dubbed “Cubagasm” that is shown in the sneak peek: “Cuba has these old American cars in incredible condition. There’s this phenomenon that old people experience when they’re surrounded by objects from their youth that make them feel younger and they act younger. So Granmpa is seeing all these old cars and he starts feeling younger and better. ‘Cubangasms’ is the medical term that we’re coining for it.”

Jean adds that the episode will have beatiful Cuban music, Bart and Lisa arguing in Spanish, and Fidel Castro: “There’s a Castro joke in the episode where it’s like, ‘I’d be surprised if he’s still alive’ and he is! He’s over 90 now. He’s dealt with presidents since Eisenhower, it’s unbelievable.”

08cbca046b178852ea076360048188078ea37695c1db9bdb5dd98357e8d08554_1The episode will also explain the prediction of Donald Trump becoming president, once Jean was asked about him having informations thanks to him working with Scott Baio in Charles in Charge, he jokes: “That gives you the Scott Baio connection. Oh my God, it’s all my fault! We were surprised like a lot of people. All I can say is to hope for the best but we will certainly make fun of whatever happens. It is crazy. There was the Trump one and lisa-holding-magazinethere was another one that was nuts where we had a brochure that said New York on $9 a day and then the Twin Towers were next to the 9 so it looked like nine eleven. I don’t know what to tell you. These things are just nuts. I can’t explain it. We definitely think about the future [when writing]. We’re sort of like futurologists because we work so far ahead.

simpsonsSo for example, when we said Brazil was going to lose the World Cup to Germany we had a joke about how funny it would be if after they lost they would sing Ole! Ole! very sadly. So sometimes we have good predictions.  The Trump one was just…what odds would you have given that one? 

There will probably something else that will happen, only God knows. I don’t know.”

Source: Variety Latino

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