‘The Simpsons’ wins a 2020 Peabody Award!


The Simpsons has won a 2020 Peabody Institutional Award. It’s the second time the show wins a Peabody Award, the first time being in 1997.

The show has been awarded a 2020 Peabody Institutional Award for making a “significant impact on programming and the cultural landscape.”

“‘The Simpsons’ is one of television’s sharpest critics—as brilliant a child as the show’s conscience and mastermind Lisa. But it is also one of its medium’s funniest and most delightful offerings. In one episode, Homer thumps his television angrily, demanding that it be funnier. For answering Homer’s call for 30 years, we commend the writers, animators, and cast of ‘The Simpsons’ with a Peabody Institutional Award.”

Because of the COVID19 pandemic, this year’s award ceremony has been canceled, so many recipients filmed acceptance speeches, Homer being among them (as shared by EW.com):


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