Homer and Lisa Face Halloween Home Invaders in October!

Information about the plot for the episode “Halloween of Horror“, which will air on October 18, 2015; has been released by FOX. The episode will be the 4th episode of Season 27. It will be a “canon” episode taking place in Halloween.

In the episode …
“When Lisa becomes scared at the Krustyland Halloween Horror Night, Homer is forced to take down his Everscream Terrors decorations. Halloween pop-up employees seek vengeance on Homer for causing them to lose their jobs, and rob his house while Homer and Lisa hide out in the attic. Homer and Lisa light up their stored holiday decorations to attract attention and stand up to the intruders.”

Guest Stars:
According to the Listing, Nick Kroll and Blake Anderson will be guest starring as Lem and Dickie, respectively.

For further information…
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Stay tuned for more!

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