Wikisimpsons: The Ten Year Wiki!


Today it’s September 24, 2015. It’s a special day for Wikisimpsons. It was founded 10 years ago today! This post is a post to celebrate the wiki’s 10th Anniversary.

To celebrate, we’ve painted the site pink and launched our brand new site layout! Additionally, no advertisements will be displayed today to thank all of our editors and viewers for making Wikisimpsons the greatest Simpsons resource on the internet.

A Brief Summary of the Wiki’s History…
  • 2005
  • Creation of the Wiki
  • The wiki was created on September 24, 2005 by PostBagBoy on Wikia. He never edited here, apart from one edit on his user page stating how amazed he felt that the wiki he had created had turned out to be successful (in 2007).
  • 2010
  • ShoutWiki
  • Wikia Staff announced that a new skin was on its way. Admins of Wikisimpsons signed up for beta testing with high expectations. The skin turned out to be a huge disappointment and not fully compatible with Wikisimpsons’ article layouts. Admins of Wikisimpsons argued with the staff and Smiley12 and Solar Dragon were blocked as a result. Wikisimpsons eventually moved to ShoutWiki and the “old Wikisimpsons” became “Simpsons Wiki”.
  • Simpsons Fanon
  • Simpsons Fanon was created.
  • The Springfield Shopper
  • The Springfield Shopper became the third member of the Simpsons Wiki Network.
  • 2011
  • Independence
  • Thanks to Jake, Wikisimpsons moved from ShoutWiki to a new server and got a new domain, “”.
  • 2013
  • Server move
  • In late July–early August, Wikisimpsons was moved to a newer server and was re-located at “” as apposed to the previous “.net”.
  • 2014
  • Answers
  • In February 17, the wiki’s question-answer site, Wikisimpsons Answers, was launched.
  • 2015
  • The Springfield Shopper
  • In January 17, the wiki’s news blog, The Springfield Shopper, was launched.
A Big Wiki

Wikisimpsons has more than 32,300 articles; 703,300 edits and more than 25,800 registered users. Wikisimpsons has 5 active administrators, who do lots of janitorial work every day.

The wiki also has a couple of active “Rollbacks”, who help the admins and the wiki. Then there are the “trusted” users, who do a lot of work in order to make the wiki look decent.

In the last years, Wikisimpsons has had an increase in the number of visitors due to lots of reasons, one of them being the pages dedicated to The Simpsons: Tapped Out. The wiki continues growing every day.

One thought on “Wikisimpsons: The Ten Year Wiki!

  1. Congratulations on 10 years of this great wiki site, for those who are new and old Simpsons fans who like to look up information on this groundbreaking TV show . Maybe we can keep this going for another 10 years? Maybe longer? Well, hopefully.

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