Tapped Out: The end of the Treehouse of Horror 2015 event has come!

unlock_starspawnunlock_formlessterrorThe end of the Treehouse of Horror 2015 event has arrived and 3 pets has been added to the game: Star Spawn, Disco Zombie and Formless Terror.

Preparing for the Thanksgiving event, EA teased us on the store’s descriptions with what’s coming:

unlock_zombiehuman5Android & iOs: The children did what Springfield’s police force, military, and mad scientists couldn’t: they defeated the evil M’nthster, proving once again that children should be in charge of everything… wait maybe not… With the town back to normal, it’s time to clear out the candy and prep for the Holidays! So stay tuned to Tapped Out for the holidays because we’re unlock_skeletonway better than spending time with your family.


  • Toss out the tentacles and turn up the turkeys!
  • Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is coming so stay tuned to TSTO!

Don’t forget to check our event page on all the info you need on the Takedown update too and stay tuned for the Thanksgiving and Christmas events coming soon!

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