Tapped Out: Winter 2015 Weekly Challenges Week 3 Glitch (Fixed)

Winter 2015 Weekly Challenge 3The glitches for Weekly Challanges never seem to cease.

A new glitch started when Act 2 was added. The new Act allowed to build X-mas Trees Slightly Irregular. But in Week 3 of the Weekly Challenges, the first challenge is to craft it.


The game doesn’t recognize the crafting and we’re waiting, while reporting it, for EA to fix this.

So do NOT craft it till the week 3 challenges starts for you.

Unfortunatly this come too late for most, we can only hope EA fixes it soon!

Update: The glitch was solved in a later update.

Check out our event page, and its various sections for each Act, and keep coming back for all the info you’ll need! Check back this post for any news on a fix for the glitch!

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