Tapped Out: Superheroes 2016 is coming!

TSTO_Superheroes_2016_Splash_ScreenThe Superheroes are coming back to town.

The event has been teased and leaked recently a few times by EA:

Amazon store on Kindle released the store update by mistake on June 8th showing the new Splash screen and App Icon.TSTO_Superheroes_2016_Icon

When the Wild West takedown was released 2 different teasers were present in the store description:

English: The duels are done and even the ghosts have left this ghost town. With everyone settling back to normal, what could be next for Springfield? A suped-up sequel? A new take on an origin story? An ominously foreshadowing political thriller? We’re not sure yet because Gary accidentally took his work computer on vacation. Not cool Gary!
New characters, new buildings and new stories are coming soon!
Stay tuned!

French: Western duels ended and even ghosts have left town. Life seems to take its course in Springfield. For real ? No ! Because Superhero is back with a scenario to taste away! And political shenanigans to no end. Finally, if Gary does not forget to save the new update. Hey Gary?
One thing is certain : new characters, buildings and adventures await you soon!
Until then , keep playing!!

On the leaked Amazon store update the description described the event:

Heroes return to Springfield to fight evil (while gyros return to Springfield to fight a lack of tzatziki sauce). But when a plot is revealed that threatens the entire town, heroes and villains are forced to team up to save it!
Join iconic Simpsons characters and their alter-egos as they battle against a greater evil. With new characters, buildings, decorations, and more… including a new battle system. Can you unite villains and heroes to save the town!?

And finally a few hours ago, on Facebook EA released a teaser on the game page:

Superheroes never die, they just wait til their reboot. Coming soon to an app store near you: the Superhero sequel you didn’t know you wanted but will still wait through the credits to see!

Check out the new event coming possibly next week and don’t forget to check our event page that’ll be filled as the event is released!

Also don’t forget to check our event page for the current event, Homer’s Chiliad and stay tuned for more!

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