Season 28 News: The title of the 600th episode has been revealed!

The poster of THOH XXVII
The 600th episode of The Simpsons will air on October 16, 2016. Airing on that day it couldn’t be other than “Treehouse of Horror XXVII“, the 27th installment of the Treehouse of Horror series and the 4th episode of Season 28. The poster of the episode has also been revealed.

“We’re excited because it really is the 600th episode. It’s not one of those cheats where it’s really 602,” executive producer Al Jean jokes, referring to previous milestone celebrations that didn’t quite match the exact episodic number.

The Episode

The Treehouse episode opens with a short segment in which Simpson foes, including Sideshow Bob, try to kill the beloved Springfield family.

The three main segments include a satire of dystopian movies in which evil Mr. Burns controls the only water in a Springfield gone dry; a story in which an imaginary friend (Sarah Silverman) from Lisa’s younger days returns to kill her real friends; and a James Bond-themed segment with accents of Kingsman: The Secret Service that features bartender Moe running a secret society that tries to keep order in the world. Uh-oh!

A Bond-like anthem, performed by singer Judith Owen (wife of Simpsons stalwart Harry Shearer), closes the episode, celebrating the episodic feat.

It’s the 600th episode

Showrunner Al Jean says that the annual THOH episode is always very special.
“It’s a big show people look forward to,” he says. “Even though it’s (number) 600, it’s still exciting for me. I never feel like this is an old show. I feel that if this was a show that started last year, people would be excited about everything that’s going on.”

Stay tuned!


*USA TODAY – Exclusive: ‘Simpsons’ reveals Treehouse poster

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