Season 28 News: New informations for the season have been revealed!

New informations for the upcoming season 28, starting tomorrow at 8/7 on Fox with the Season Premiere titled “Monty Burns’ Fleeing Circus“, has been revealed in an interview by EW to Al Jean.

A Simpsonised version of Adventure Time is the very first Couch Gag

The Adventure Time creator, Pendleton Ward, sings the very first couch gag of the season, a Simpsons version of the theme song of the show. “It’s the whole Adventure Time opening redone with Simpsons. Homer is the dog.”

Mr. Burns sings at the Springfield Bowl to deal with the past

Mr. Burns will stage a musical at the Bowl, to compensate for a trauma in the past, with Amy Schumer playing his mother in the scenes from the past. “We learn something that might have made him the man he is. We discover he was the equivalent of an Internet fail sensation in, like, 1917.”

Mr. Burns uses a Oculus in the Season Premiere

“Mr. Burns gets an Oculus and hires the Simpson family to play his family so he can pretend to be a family man and we deal with alternative reality and what it’s like to be wearing this all the time” Al Jean continues. Homer will be alone at home and forges a relationship with his neighbour Julia (Allison Janney). Even though Homer sees it as a platonic relationship, Marge sees her as a treat, “She’s someone who likes beer and likes Homer and has absolutely no interest in him. They became incredibly close friends, and then Marge comes back and is not happy.”

The Simpsons will travel to Boston

The family returns to Boston in “The Town” and Homer discovers candlepin bowling. “Homer is thrilled because he learns you can get three balls when you bowl, and they want to move there. I think people from Boston will be very thrilled how thorough it is in its depiction of Boston. The bowling alley is owned by Whitey Bulger.”

Treehouse of Horror XXVII, the 600th episode, airing October 16th

The first story of the 600th milestone sees the return of Frank Grimes, in the form of a ghost, seeking revenge. It’ll be a parody of The Hunger Games and Mad Max: Fury Road that imagines “a world where there’s no water but Burns has it all, and they’re trying to get it back from him. We deal with the fact that these things are very bleak and seem to never end. We say, ‘Okay, contestants…’ as they’re about to start, and Ralph is immediately killed. Wiggum was in the bathroom and he’s like, ‘What? What did I miss?’”, a parody of Hunger Games. Lisa’s immaginary friend (Sarah Silverman) starts killing Lisa’s real friends, while Bart interprets a spoof of James Bond and Kingsman movies. “Bart is recruited by this group that Moe runs and they are trying to discover who this villain is that’s going to destroy the world. It has a very violent conclusion at a Steely Dan concert.”

The Nightmare After Krustmas puts fear in Maggie

“We have a Christmas show where we satirize Elf on a Shelf — it’s called Gnome in a Home. They put this thing in Maggie’s room and it terrifies her because it’s looking at her nonstop, and they tell her it will tell if she’s bad or good or wets the bed.” Rabbi Krustofski, Krusty’s father, will return in an allucination to his son, this Christmas.

The Great Phatsby’s double episode to air in January

The Great Phatsby, the first ever hour-long episode of the show, will bring homage to The Great Gatsby. Taraji P. Henson from Empire will guest-star with Keegan-Michael Key from Key & Peele. It’ll be an episode that tells of the destruction of the friendship between Mr. Burns and and the hip-hop mogul Jay G. “He is an acolyte of Burns and uses the knowledge he’s acquired from Burns to destroy him and Homer is the detatched, ironic narrator in the F. Scott Fitzgerald mode.”

Chess World Champion Magnus Carlsen to guest star

The chess world champion Magnus Carlsen will guest star in an episode talking about the relationship between Homer and Grampa, straining over chess’ strategies. “It turns out that Homer and Grandpa used to play chess a lot, and Homer got better than Grandpa who wouldn’t play anymore. Then Homer learns that one theory in chess is you become good because you want to kill your father, and he wants to see if that’s true. Magnus Carlsen says the only way you can find out is to play one last game against Grandpa.”

The Pokémon Go mania takes over Springfield

Homer and Lisa gets addicted to Pokémon Go this spring, spending money in Lure Modules and other premium content. “Lisa takes the rap for Homer and it starts to make her very upset”, while Bart creates his own game, and he’s making money with it. “Bart goes up to elderly women with no grandchildren and pretends to be their grandchildren in exchange for toys and gifts and cards with five dollars in them.”

Bart’s guilt over his being mean to Lisa shows up

will be Bart’s guilt dealing with him being mean to Lisa. “Patton Oswalt plays Bart’s guilt, which starts very small, and then turns into this huge lumbering fantasy creature that torments Bart.”

Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan from Masters of Sex guest stars to bring Homer and Marge back together in bed

In a sequel to “Kamp Krusty”, “Kamp Krustier”, Bart messes up his parents’ sex life. “Bart comes back traumatized from the camp, and he has to sleep in Homer and Marge’s bed because he’s so upset. Homer discovers that by not having sex, he’s suddenly extremely active and successful, and he’s no longer interested, so Marge takes him to a clinic. They say, ‘It’s always the kids. We tell this to every parent we meet: The kids are always to blame. Moe is there for an anomaly study.”

Donald Trump deals with the Simspons taking him back to University

Mr. Burns will bring Donald Trump back to University when he’ll create his own. “Burns tries to endow a department of nuclear studies but [Yale] says, ‘You can’t do nuclear. How about you endow a department of transgender cinema?’ He’s really mad at how politically correct Yale has gotten, so he takes his money and he founds his own university. He’s so excited to discover that you can have such a thing as a for-profit college.”

Being asked what Trump’s reaction to the episode will be, Al Jean concludes “I guess he’ll sic Putin on us.”


Stay tuned for more!

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