SD Comic-Con 2019: ‘The Simpsons’ panel!


The panel has started! Here’s the live report of the most relevant bits of the panel:
(Time is local San Diego time)

12:00 – Panel has started!

12:06 – Some Disney-related jokes.

12:20 – This year, 10 of the 22 episodes will be written by women, says writer Stephanie Gillis

12:26 – A Clip from THOH XXX makes the crowd go wild!

12:30 – A comment on the show being available in the upcoming Disney+ streaming service.

12:36 – Classic “Another Simpsons Movie” question during Q&A session.

12:40 – And another classic. The “Will Futurama ever return?” question.

12:45 – And great news!! Season 19 is getting DVD release this year!!

12:50 – The panel is now over! Season 31 starts on September 29, 2019!!

Here is a recap posted by The Simpsons Twitter!

And some fan fair from the Animation on Fox channel on Youtube!

That’s been all for this year!
Stay tuned for more!

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