Season 31 News: A new Guest Star has been announced!

Fat Tony's lawyerA new Guest Star has been announced for the Season 31 episode “The Fat Blue Line“.

Bob Odenrick, Saul Goodman in the tv series Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, will guest star in the episode.

Entertainment Weekly reports he’ll appear in the episode as Fat Tony’s lawyer, sporting a ring similar to his character, Saul Goodman’s.

Al Jean commented: “He charges by the minute so he speaks… really… slowly. He just wants money for talking to Fat Tony”.

The episode involves pickpocketing sting operation and the Simpsons patriarch. Al Jean explains “Homer is the mark because he’s got such a big butt so he’s a good target for pickpocketing. Fat Tony is arrested but he didn’t do it — and he has to find out who did do it”.

The episode is written by Bob’s brother, Bill Odenkirk. Al Jean closes the interview with “If we don’t get a good review from Mama Odenkirk, then we’re going to be in trouble”.

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