Season 31 News: Information about the episode “Bart the Bad Guy” have been released

Information about the plot, guest stars and date for the upcoming Season 31 episode “Bart the Bad Guy” have been released by FOX. The episode is scheduled to air on February 23, 2020.

In the episode …
Bart is mistaken as a terminal ill child and is shown part of the unreleased sequel of Vindicator, a popular superhero franchise, parody of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He then proceeds to blackmail people to get what he wants using spoilers as threat. When the executives of the movie (the Marvel authors, Joseph and Anthony Russo, the Russo Brothers) find out, they’ll try and stop him in any way possible from releasing the secret spoilers. Marvel’s Chief Communications Officer will appear as the super villain of the movie, Chinnos.

Guest stars
Guest stars for the episode include: Joseph and Anthony Russo as movie executives, and Kevin Feige as Chinnos.

the-simpsons-chinnos the-simpsons

For further information…
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