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Season 32 News: The Scheduled Air dates and new details for “Uncut Femmes”, “Burger Kings” and “Panic on the Streets of Springfield” have been announced

Panic_on_the_Streets_of_Springfield_posterThe Scheduled Air dates and new details for the upcoming 16th episode, titled “Uncut Femmes” , 17th episode, titled “Burger Kings“, and 18th episode, titled “Panic on the Streets of Springfield“, of Season 32 have been announced.

The schedule for February till April has been laid down.


So far the scheduled air dates for the next episodes are as follow:

“Diary Queen”: February 14
Wad Goals”: February 21
Yokel Hero“: February 28
Do PizzaBots Dream of Electric Guitars?“: March 7
Manger Things“: March 21
Uncut Femmes“: March 28
Burger Kings“: April 11
Panic on the Streets of Springfield“: April 18

Also new details for Burger Kings have been revealed:


And the plot for Panic on the Streets of Springfield has been revealed in an interview with Tim Long:

“Lisa becomes obsessed with this kind of famous, alternative Morrissey-type rockstar from the 1980s.”

If you want to know more about Season 32, visit our page for it in our Wiki!

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