Season 35 and 36 News: New information on “Bart’s Brain” and the first half of Season 36 have been released!

200px-Season_35_artworkNew information for the upcoming 18th and final episode of Season 35, titled “Bart’s Brain” (airing tonight), and the first half of Season 36 have been released on an interview on CNN.

In Bart’s Brain, Bart bonds with a brain in a jar, and will feel like classic Simpsons episode, with emotional heft and Bart hijinx.


The first several episodes of the new seasons are detours through sci-fi and horror.

One of the first episodes will be a sequel of sorts to one of the following episodes cited in the article: 22 Short Films About Springfield, ‘Round Springfield, Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire, Lisa the Boy Scout, The Sound of Bleeding Gums.

One episode in the first half of the season will be dedicated to Ned Flanders reflecting on the deaths of Maude Flanders and Edna Krabappel, because it’s “never too late to emotionally address a past trauma”.


If you want to know more about Season 35 and 36, visit our page for them in our Wiki!

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