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  1. When will they offer more land on the other side of the wall. The side u purchase land with trophy and stuff? Why do they make us purchase so many of the same buildings? Why can’t we sale what we don’t like? It’s are Springfield we should be able to sale what we want. If we lose people or building that’s up to us. The game always warns us first so we should be able to get rid of 9 of the 10 buildings we had to buy that takes up all are land. why does everything have to be so big? We always ask for land but with all the big stuff we need it. They need to make the inventory easier to use hard to find stuff. Love that we get more opportunities to win donuts. Wish they would offer more straight railroad pieces. Let us sale the ones we do this want. Even if the just let me get rid of extra buildings and stuff i would be happy. I am extremely addicted to the game love it just wish we could get rid of or sale unwanted items and get more land.

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