Willie’s slave laboring – technically – in a new tie-in!

And, here we go, our first tie-in post of this blog! An episode tie-in for Tapped Out for the episode “The Musk Who Fell To Earth“, set to air in the States on Sunday, has just been released about an hour and a half ago – and on a Wednesday! Usually tie-ins come out on a Thursday.

Now, down to brass tacks, and the questline opens with Homer thinking he’s watching some fat guy on the TV, but it turns out to be his own reflection, as the power’s been out. It then 100moves onto Lisa organizing a mob and a committee to try to change Mr. Burns’ mind – who’s set on a “VIP access” to his power.

Hey, Dad, come quick! Mr. Burns still has power! – Lisa
Literally or figuratively? – Homer
Don’t answer, just get me my angry mob pants. – Homer
You lost your angry mob pants during yesterday’s angry mob. – Lisa
Then get me my church pants. I’m usually pretty angry there too. – Homer

You then get a prompt to purchase the Manual Power Generator, only $2000, which allows you to unlock Slave Labor Willie, a new costume for Willie which opens up a whole new questline – but his first task is to power the Manual Power Generator for 24 hours. Ironic how his costume is called “Slave Labor Willie” yet he isn’t forced into it. Whatever.

His 4h “Subsist on Gruel” task is unlocked later in his questline.

There’s three new premium decorations as well, with the Red Electric Car, the Yellow Electric Car and the Blue Electric car, costing 35, 40 and 45 Donuts respectively.

Some new info as well – the Friends screen graphical glitch has been fixed and the Red Brick Wall is back to normal size but there’s no news on the others I reported!

All this is available until until January 28, 2015 at 8am (GMT)! For more information and to read (some of) the questline, check out our wiki page!

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