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Pharrell Williams to guest star

American singer-songwriter and rapper Pharrell Williams is to guest star in an upcoming episode!

Pharrell will guest star in the season 26 episode “Walking Big & Tall“. He comes to Springfield and offers to write the new town anthem for them. We previously reported about the new town anthem plot to the episode.

“Walking Big & Tall” will air February 8th and is written by Michael Price.


Throwback Thursday: “And Maggie Makes Three”

It’s been 20 years since we were told the story of Maggie’s birth, and how Homer juggled jobs with a low-paid job at the bowling alley and his the never-ending loop of getting fired and re-hired at the power plant. January 22, 1995 was the day of “And Maggie Makes Three”

It’s also been 20 years since this heart-warming moment appeared on our screens:

And so Homer decided to, instead of being reminded he can’t quite his job at the plant again, fill up the plaque Burns installed with photos of Maggie, rendering Maggie unforgettable.

P.S. Even though his workstation is filled with photos of Maggie he seems to forget her every so often nowadays, frequently missing her out and constantly talking about his two kids.

P.S.S. So, how often has Homer quit his job at the power plant even after Burns installed the plaque telling him he’ll never quit or leave again?


Also today, Jim Jarmusch, who guest-starred as himself in “Any Given Sundance”, was born on this day in 1953. DJ Jazzy Jeff, who worked as producer, drum programmer, keyboardist and a disk jockey on “Deep, Deep Trouble”, a song he co-wrote with Matt Groening for The Simpsons Sing the Blues was also born on this day in 1965. And sadly, on this day in 2012, Dick Tufeld, who guest-starred as Robot B-9 in “Mayored to the Mob” and “Milhouse Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, died aged 82.

Well, make sure to return next Thursday to see who and what crops up as we throwback to whichever year we want!

That’s it for now!

“My Fare Lady” information released

The summary, air date, and guest stars for season 26‘s “My Fare Lady” has been released. The episode, which will air on February 15th, will guest star Rich Sommer and Christopher Lloyd.

“When Marge gets fed up with the thankless duty of chauffeuring her kids around, she begins working as a driver for a transportation app service. Meanwhile, Homer bankrupts Moe when he watches over the bar for one night, which forces Moe to take a temporary job as a janitor at the nuclear plant.”

Stay tuned for more!

Willie’s slave laboring – technically – in a new tie-in!

And, here we go, our first tie-in post of this blog! An episode tie-in for Tapped Out for the episode “The Musk Who Fell To Earth“, set to air in the States on Sunday, has just been released about an hour and a half ago – and on a Wednesday! Usually tie-ins come out on a Thursday.

Now, down to brass tacks, and the questline opens with Homer thinking he’s watching some fat guy on the TV, but it turns out to be his own reflection, as the power’s been out. It then 100moves onto Lisa organizing a mob and a committee to try to change Mr. Burns’ mind – who’s set on a “VIP access” to his power.

Hey, Dad, come quick! Mr. Burns still has power! – Lisa
Literally or figuratively? – Homer
Don’t answer, just get me my angry mob pants. – Homer
You lost your angry mob pants during yesterday’s angry mob. – Lisa
Then get me my church pants. I’m usually pretty angry there too. – Homer

You then get a prompt to purchase the Manual Power Generator, only $2000, which allows you to unlock Slave Labor Willie, a new costume for Willie which opens up a whole new questline – but his first task is to power the Manual Power Generator for 24 hours. Ironic how his costume is called “Slave Labor Willie” yet he isn’t forced into it. Whatever.

His 4h “Subsist on Gruel” task is unlocked later in his questline.

There’s three new premium decorations as well, with the Red Electric Car, the Yellow Electric Car and the Blue Electric car, costing 35, 40 and 45 Donuts respectively.

Some new info as well – the Friends screen graphical glitch has been fixed and the Red Brick Wall is back to normal size but there’s no news on the others I reported!

All this is available until until January 28, 2015 at 8am (GMT)! For more information and to read (some of) the questline, check out our wiki page!

Simpsons Comics #217 now for sale!

Simpsons Comics #217 has been released

Homer accidentally invents the most powerful vacuum cleaner on Earth and teams up with door-to-door salesman Gil Gunderson to peddle his wares. Meanwhile, when Bart and his pals get in trouble and are assigned to help out Groundskeeper Willie, the school handyman has enough extra time on his hands to earn his GED and teacher’s credential. In no time, he becomes Springfield Elementary‘s most sought after substitute teacher. With so much sanitizing getting done, this is, hands down, the cleanest comic you’ll read all year!”

Sunny with a Chance of Isolated Non-Existence

What is Queen Helvetica up to? Has she become the evil prince from Frozen or something?! It appears there’s a major issue in Tapped Out at the moment with characters, buildings and decorations disappearing. I haven’t personally experienced anything like this (apart from during Clash of Clones where I never received a Recycled Wall for a prize and EA said they’d put it in my Inventory and they hadn’t) so it appears to just be certain players.

Some of the issues include characters sent on tasks never appearing again, including in the Town Hall census and the Character Locator icon, buildings becoming available for purchase again in the Store, “$” signs appearing over non-existent buildings, buildings not earning rewards, tasks of certain lengths of time becoming locked, buildings becoming transparent after The Castle of Equalia was placed and graphical glitches appearing in the Friends menu. It also appears to be maybe something to do with corrupted downloads and game saves. EA have recently been overhauling folder structures within the DLC files (downloadable content) and compacting them, so maybe code has been messed up there. Another reported cause may be the changes in item sizes, like the Red Brick Wall.

There’s a big forum on EA Answers here if you wanna sound off to those in charge. If you want to make a complaint straight to EA, click here but login with your Origin account to get somewhere.

Researching this I found that TSTO Addicts recommend trying to clear the area where the glitches are occurring most frequently.

In the meantime, don’t fret. EA’s probably on it.

Well, this wasn’t something they promised in the poem during the Christmas takedown, was it?

And that’s it for this Glitch Patrol! Sorry it’s a bit succinct, but there’s really nothing else we can report about this major glitch, there’s no fix yet. See you next time something’s up in the world of Tapped Out!

(But we always like to credit our sources, so thanks to TSTOTopix, TSTO Forum and Reddit)

Sideshow Bob to return in season 27

Kelsey Grammer will return as Sideshow Bob in season 27‘s Halloween episode, “Treehouse of Horror XXVI“.

Executive producer and showrunner Al Jean confirmed on his Twitter page that Grammer will be in the latest installment of the Treehouse of Horror series, but he will not keep his superpowers he gained in season 25‘s “The Man Who Grew Too Much“.

Grammer has so far had minor roles as Sideshow Bob in two season 26 episodes, the premiere “Clown in the Dumps” and the seventh episode “Blazed and Confused“.


Back in Block Form

No, the Simpsons aren’t to become Lego again, but I don’t think Homer will take to it too well by mining coal for a living, when The Simpsons come to Minecraft!

That’s right, Xbox 360 and Xbox One players are in for a real treat late next month as TWENTY-FOUR characters, including the Simpson family are added to the console version of Minecraft in $1.99 skin packs!

Details are still sketchy as just the Simpson family is announced, but it’s bound to include some fan favorites.

“We have an active community of more than 17 million die-hard Minecrafters on Xbox Live enjoying the wide range of downloadable content on Xbox, and they have been clamoring for us to bring Simpsons characters to the game,” said Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox. “We are thrilled to partner with Twentieth Century Fox and Gracie Films to bring The Simpsons to life on Minecraft Xbox 360 and Xbox One editions. I can’t wait to see what the community creates.”

“Like The Simpsons, Minecraft is a true cultural phenomenon embraced by people of all ages, from every corner of the globe,” said Roz Nowicki, executive vice president of global sales and retail for Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products. “We know fans of the show will have a ton of fun bringing the colorful characters of Springfield into the intricate worlds they’ve been building in Minecraft.”

This is the second time The Simpsons has become involved in something Minecraft-y, as last April the show parodied the game in a couch gag for “Luca$”.

You can read more about the news below:
*The Guardian – “The Simpsons meet Minecraft in new content pack for Xbox consoles”
*Xbox Wire – “THE SIMPSONS Coming Soon to Minecraft on Xbox”

That’s it for now!

Springfield will get a new town anthem this February

It’s amazingly true. On Sunday, February 8, 2015; Springfield is getting a new town anthem in an new Season 26 episode titled “Walking Big & Tall“!

According to the listing of the episode, the Official Plot is the following:
When Lisa learns Springfield’s anthem was stolen from another town she writes a replacement. Meanwhile, Homer learns the meaning of “Wide Pride”

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Do you remember the last time we heard something related with the Springfield Anthem. You might do, but if you don’t I’ll tell you: We heard a Springfield Anthem in The Simpsons Movie ending credits. However, that was not a really “official” town anthem, so we’ll know which is Springfield’s Town Anthem on February 8, 2015.

If you want to know more details about the episode, you can read our article for the episode. We’ll update it as soon as new information about it is released.

Stay tuned!

A Royal Welcome

Hello, Springfield! It is I, Queen Helvetica, ruler of the Kingdom of Equalia! Equalia is a land of tolerance and equal rights for all!

Hi, I’m Phinbart, and I’m going to be one of the regular posters on here. And to start it off, let’s give a royal welcome… to Queen Helvetica.

Until Tuesday in The Simpsons: Tapped Out, The Castle of Equalia and a new costume for Lisa, Queen Helvetica will be available for 175 Donuts, based on the episode “Lisa the Drama Queen”, as Gil pops into our towns once again. But, also, much to the annoyance of premium players, we are gifted with all the three “Small Islands” from the Christmas event. Which means, for those who have already spent the dough circles on the islands, you’ve wasted 120 Donuts, and not to mention $10,000 cash!

Also available until Tuesday, is the Two-nicorn, from the Clash of Clones event for 70 Donuts, which, if you haven’t bought it already, contributes to completing the “Exotic Animals and Pets” character collection.

And so, if you want to spend 245 Donuts re-living the medieval period in your Springfield, do so, but it’s not necessary, as you can read the full six-part questline here!

That’s it for now!

Maybe I could sell you some two-nicorns? It’s a unicorn with two horns. – Queen Helvetica
So it’s a deer. – Mayor Quimby
Well, no. Sort of. – Queen Helvetica