The Springfield Mafia returns

The Simpsons: Tapped Out Level 49 is now out, with two new characters added to the “Wise Guys” character collection, the original Fat Tony’s son and the current Fat Tony’s nephew, Michael D’Amico, and the don boss of the Springfield Mafia, Don Vittorio DiMaggio.

The quest line starts with Agnes Skinner complaining to Mayor Quimby about the amount of crime in the town. So, to sort this out, the mayor organizes the building of a summer house for the mafia to meet in so they can make a deal to sort out the crime with the mayor. Michael D’Amico is unlocked with the summer house and surprise, he just wants to be a chef rather than be in organized crime.

Meanwhile, Don Vittorio is unlocked with Rancho Relaxo. Which is certainly strange, as Don Vittorio has no known ties to Rancho Relaxo at all in the show. Don Vittorio’s quests involve him helping out the people of Springfield with their semi-illegal tasks.

Other new items include the Old Abandoned Warehouse which unlocks during “Baking Bread Pt. 6″. Two Chalk Outlines are also available for 5 donuts each, and the Suspicious Dirt Pile is also made available during the main quest, “Baking Bread Pt.10″.

For more information, including prices and the entire questline, see our article on Wikisimpsons!

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