A summary of news: March 2015

March 2015 saw a few new episode releases. However, it was also a very sad month for The Simpsons. Read on to find out why.

Episode news

Moe meets a new woman

On March 1st, “The Princess Guide” aired. The episode was written by Brian Kelley and directed by Timothy Bailey. Yaya DaCosta guest starred as Princess Kemi, Richard Branson guest starred as himself, Kevin Michael Richardson guest starred as the Nigerian king and Jon Lovitz reprised his role as Enrico Irritazio. The episode ended with a dedication to Leonard Nimoy who died a few days prior to the airing.

In the episode, Homer is charged with looking after Princess Kemi whilst her father makes a uranium deal with Mr. Burns. However, she escapes from Homer and spends time with Moe, who falls in love with her.

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Chief Wiggum takes to the skies!

On March 8th, “Sky Police” aired. The episode was written by Matt Selman and directed by Rob Oliver. Nathan Fielder guest starred as Doug Blattner.

Chief Wiggum is mistakenly delivered a military jet pack. He uses this in his policing duties but eventually is found out and ordered to hand it back. He tries to escape and it crashes into the church. Several members of the congregation count cards at a casino to get the money for repairs.

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So You Think You Can Duff-man?

On March 15th, “Waiting for Duffman” aired. It was written by John Frink and directed by Steven Dean Moore. Cat Deeley guest starred as herself, Stacy Keach guest starred as Howard K. Duff VII and R. Lee Ermey guest starred as Colonel Leslie Hapablap.

Duffman injures himself during a parade and has to undergo hip replacement surgery. So, a reality show is invented to find the next Duffman, which Homer wins.

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Tapped Out news

Superheroes Issues 3 and 4

Issues 3 and 4 of the superheroes update were released on March 10th and 24th respectively. These carried in the superhero event which started in February. For all the details on the event and the issues, read the article.

Won’t somebody please think of the children?

On March 4th, Level 50 was released. This update came with the long awaited characters Helen and Jessica Lovejoy. Two new friend point prizes were also made available with this update. For all the details, read the article.

The Homer arrives!

On March 11th, the car Homer designed, “The Homer“, arrived in Tapped Out as a new Gil deal. The car cost 82 donuts and came with a new questline, which also teased the introduction of Herb Powell as a character, who will be coming to Tapped Out at some point in the future. Read the update article for more details!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

On March 16th, only 5 days after the last update, a small St. Patrick’s Day update hit. This update re-released all the previous St. Patrick’s Day items and came with a new Gil deal for Blarney Castle and two new decorations. Read the update article for more details.

The Beach House arrives late

On March 31st, the Beach House arrived in Tapped Out. This was supposed to arrive on the 29th but for unknown reasons, it never arrived. It was purchasable for 120 donuts.

Comic news

Simpsons Comics #219

Simpsons Comics #219 was released on March 18th.

After a run-in with the paparazzi, Krusty the Clown hires Homer to stand in for him, or rather, stand next to him — because Homer makes Krusty look good by comparison. Meanwhile, Lisa becomes a stand-in studio musician for Bleeding Gums Murphy‘s sister, Flossy Murphy. But Homer and Lisa soon discover that the life of a second-hand, stopgap, stand-in celebrity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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Bart Simpson #95

Bart Simpson #95 was released on March 25th.

In order to earn enough money for some tickets to a professional wrestling match, Bart gets a job at the Kwik-E-Mart. And then, in order to put food on the table Otto the Bus Driver offers his own services (as well as the Springfield Elementary bus) as an “Uber”-type driver. Plus, a Bart/SpongeBob SquarePants mash-up.

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Miscellaneous news

RIP Sam Simon

On March 8th, co-creator of The Simpsons Sam Simon sadly passed away after a long battle with colorectal cancer. Simon left the show in season 4 but continued to be credited as an executive producer for the show.

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Lisa Simpson’s Guide to Geek Chic

On March 17th, Lisa Simpson’s Guide to Geek Chic was released. This was the fourth book in the series of Vault of Simpsonology.

In Lisa Simpson’s Guide to Geek Chic, Springfield’s most sensitive student reveals the secrets of being a misunderstood geek goddess. The geeks have inherited the earth . . . And Springfield’s most outspoken and overlooked middle child, Lisa Simpson, is here to tell you why! So what does it matter that you don’t run with the popular crowd? You control the trends and tastes of popular culture. Who cares if you aren’t part of a clique? Your idiosyncratic style is now très chic. So what if you’re not very social? You’re tech savvy drives all social media. There’s no need to lay low in nerd anonymity. You are the smartest person in the room, and it’s time to fulfill your dork destiny!

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