Simpsons up by 1.2m but down by 18k in UK

It’s definitely a hot topic in Springfield…and the fact that Burns has clones.
You may be a bit confused by the title, but you’ll get it. Anyway, onto the big news. Last night, in the US, the show scored its highest figure since January 11 as 3.93m (1.8/5) (adjusted slightly down from the prelimary rating of 3.97m (1.8/5)) tuned in to watch Moe fall for someone he thinks is involved in the infamous Nigerian prince scam, and as the AV Club puts it, “the best episode of season 26 so far”, but not ratings-wise (*cough*TheManWhoCameToBeDinner*cough*).

And, for the first time, we’ve also got UK ratings news, as 551,000 people tuned in to watch the, pushed-back US November, episode “Blazed and Confused”, on January 22 on Sky1, 18,000 down from the 7-day official of 569,000 “I Won’t Be Home for Christmas” posted when it aired on December 21.

Sources: BARB, TV by the Numbers

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