Homer and Marge Are NOT Breaking Up For Good!!!

There has been a lot of rumors flying around the Internet that Homer and Marge will be breaking up for good in season 27. This has come from a recent interview with Variety (which you can read here) where Al Jean said “Homer and Marge legally separate”. Okay, now read that quote again. “Homer and Marge legally separate”. Where in that does it say “for good”, “for a season-long arc”, “forever”? Oh, yeah… NOWHERE!

Why the media have taken this and blown it up is beyond me. When has The Simpsons ever done a season long arc? Plot points very rarely extend longer than an episode. Homer and Marge have had trouble with their marriage in the past. But they have always gotten through it.

Also, I would like to point out that the information for this episode, which is the season 27 premiere “Every Man’s Dream” in which Homer and Marge separate has been known since January. That’s 5 months! It’s been known for 5 months that they will separate and it is only just brought up now!

Homer and Marge are not separating for longer than an episode so stop believing the crap the media is spreading.

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