Submit your questions now to #HomerLive!

Simprovised_Homer_LiveIn 2 weeks, on May 15th at 8/7c on FOX, in the season 27 episode “Simprovised“, you’ll have a chance to get your questions answered from Homer, LIVE!

For the first time ever, Homer will answer your questions! Live! In the last three minutes of the episode, Homer will be “Live-voiced” (by Dan Castellaneta) and will answer questions fans will have previously asked before the episode.

All you have to do to ask your questions is tweet using the hashtag #HomerLive your questions!

The deadline for tweetting your questions is May 4th. Two sessions will be available too! The first one for east coast, and the second one for west coast.

If you want to know more about the episode, check out our post on its plot and the live session!

Stay tuned for more!

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