Jay Leno returns as himself in “To Courier with Love”

Jay LenoJay Leno returns to The Simpsons in the next episode of season 27, “To Courier with Love“, which will air on May 8, 2016.

In the episode, Homer will bring a top-secret briefcase to Paris, in exchange for a vacation discount for his family. In the basement, under some trash, Homer discovers a car, which Jay Leno ends up buying.

In an interview  with Entertainment Weekly, Al Jean, executive producer of the show, comments, “We just said, ‘He’s the one guy that this plot would make sense for. There is no one who is simultaneously as funny and who knows more about cars than Jay Leno.’”

Regarding the recording of the episode with Leno, Al Jean comments “We had a marble interior, and he goes ‘They didn’t have marble interiors in those cars, they had wooden interiors! Whoever did this didn’t quite know their cars!’”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

If you want to know more about the episode, check out our post on its plot!

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