The Simpsons to Have a Virtual Reality Couch Gag!

VR couch gag
The Simpsons stil keep surprising us every day! They will have a Virtual Reality couch gag for its 600th episode!

At the start of “Treehouse of Horror XXVII“, the show’s 600th episode airing on October 16, fans owning a Google Cardboard will be able to watch the couch gag in VR! During the 45-second 2D couch gag, a url will appear and, by following that url, fans will be able to watch a 3-minutes version of the Couch gag.

VR Compatibility

According to EW, “Fans can enter the Simpsonized world of VR via the Google Spotlight Stories app and using the Google Cardboard viewer and their smart phone (iOS or Android). If interest parties don’t have the viewer, they can access a limited version of the experience by turning their phones in different directions”.


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