Season 28 News: The synopsis for “Looking for Mr. Goodbart” and “The Cad and the Hat” have been announced

The synopsis for the upcoming episodes of season 28, titled “Looking for Mr. Goodbart” and “The Cad and the Hat“, have been announced.

From the previous news on the Pokémon Go episode, the synopsis for “Looking for Bart” is:

Homer and Lisa get addicted to Pokémon GO and wind up spending a lot of loot on Pokémon extras, but Lisa takes the rap for Homer and it starts to make her very upset. Meanwhile, Bart plays his own game — except he’s making money, not spending it. Bart goes up to elderly women with no grandchildren and pretends to be their grandchildren in exchange for toys and gifts and cards with five dollars in them.

and for “The Cad and the Hat” the information we got is:

Patton Oswalt will be Bart’s guilt dealing with him being mean to Lisa.

Stay tuned for more

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