Season 28 News: Three new Special Guest Stars announced for “The Great Phatsby”!

Season 28

Three new Special Guest Stars for the upcoming 1 hour special episode of season 28, split in two parts, titled “The Great Phatsby: Part One” and “The Great Phatsby: Part Two“, have been announced. The episodes air in January, 2017.

Entertainment Weekly has released the news: the great cast of the two-parter first ever one hour episode of the show expands. After announcing Taraji P. Henson (as Praline) and Keegan-Michael Key (as Jazzy James), three new special guest have been announced: Snoop Dogg, RZA and Common, all voicing themself!

Show producer, and one of the writers of the episode, Dan Greaney, told EW: “We wanted the Mt. Rushmore of rap, and we got it. They represent different moods and different aspects of the history of hip-hop.”

Executive Producer Matt Selman next told EW: “It’s a tale of greed, excess, betrayal, revenge, and ruthlessness, and there’s a hilarious goose in it. The goose is really funny.”

Stay tuned for more

Source: EntertainmentWeekly

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