Season 29 News: A new guest voice for Treehouse of Horror XXVIII has been revealed!

A new guest voice for the next installment of the Treehouse of Horror series has been revealed!

Neil Gaiman will appear in the episode, voicing the silent cat Snowball! He confirmed the news on his Twitter account.

He hints it as a spoof to his 2002 novella Coraline, with Lisa as Coraline Jones, and Snowball will be Coraline’s sarcastic black cat, both adventuring in and out of a parallel dimension.

Gaiman also retweeted a tweet about another British celebrity voicing a character that have never spoken before, referencing Elizabeth Tailor voicing Maggie’s first word in the 1992 episode “Lisa’s First Word“.

Gaiman’s segment is the third announced after The Exor-Sis and MMM… Homer. He has voiced himself in the past in the 2011 episode “The Book Job“.

Source: The Telegraph

Season 29 premieres October 1, 2017. Treehouse of Horror XXVIII will air October 22, 2017.

Stay tuned for more information!

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