A Year On: Still Working on the Wiki!

It has been over a year now since I took over doing all Tapped Out stuff on the wiki. And whilst it has gone a lot smoother than expected, it’s still a lot of work. I’ve had to learn as I went for a lot of it because I had little knowledge of how the Tapped Out game files worked. But I got there in the end and I’m pretty confident with the files now.

With Tapped Out having super premium purchases that we have to spend money on to get, and me needing to get everything for the wiki, I have been sinking a lot of money into Tapped Out. Like, a LOT of money. And now we have Black Friday/Thanksgiving coming up. That update always has expensive purchases and you need to spend a lot to unlock everything.

So, I hate asking for this, but if people could donate money to me, it’ll be partially going back into Tapped Out and the wiki. Anything given to me will be very much appreciated as doing the wiki is pretty much my only job at the moment. You can donate to me either through Ko-fi or PayPal.me

I love working on Wikisimpsons and wouldn’t ever want to stop. But it can take its toll on me so seeing that people appreciate what I do and want me to keep working on it helps a lot. Thank you for reading.

Thank you for reading!
Solar Dragon, Wikisimpsons Head Admin
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