A Royal Welcome

Hello, Springfield! It is I, Queen Helvetica, ruler of the Kingdom of Equalia! Equalia is a land of tolerance and equal rights for all!

Hi, I’m Phinbart, and I’m going to be one of the regular posters on here. And to start it off, let’s give a royal welcome… to Queen Helvetica.

Until Tuesday in The Simpsons: Tapped Out, The Castle of Equalia and a new costume for Lisa, Queen Helvetica will be available for 175 Donuts, based on the episode “Lisa the Drama Queen”, as Gil pops into our towns once again. But, also, much to the annoyance of premium players, we are gifted with all the three “Small Islands” from the Christmas event. Which means, for those who have already spent the dough circles on the islands, you’ve wasted 120 Donuts, and not to mention $10,000 cash!

Also available until Tuesday, is the Two-nicorn, from the Clash of Clones event for 70 Donuts, which, if you haven’t bought it already, contributes to completing the “Exotic Animals and Pets” character collection.

And so, if you want to spend 245 Donuts re-living the medieval period in your Springfield, do so, but it’s not necessary, as you can read the full six-part questline here!

That’s it for now!

Maybe I could sell you some two-nicorns? It’s a unicorn with two horns. – Queen Helvetica
So it’s a deer. – Mayor Quimby
Well, no. Sort of. – Queen Helvetica

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