Donuts and clovers are rainin’, but Cletus’ not happy for the leprechaunin’

St. Patrick’s Day has arrived in Springfield, with Cletus angry at his moonshine tasting off! Several old items have returned, including O’Flanagan’s Pub with Tom O’Flanagan for 1900 Cash, the Wishing Well and Leprechaun for 150 Donuts and the Sham Rock Cafe with the Yupprechaun for 120. There’s also the new Green Bear Fountain for 5000 Cash, and the Stack of Beer for 35 donuts (there’s also one free in the questline)

After setting O’Flanagan’s to build, Gil is back again with the Blarney Castle for 115 Donuts.

Will Bart’s bottom be subjected to terror again?

Check it out over on Wikisimpsons to get the full deets.

That’s it for now! Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for a special circley-with-sprinkles gift!

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