Simpsons down 6% in 18-49s to third most-watched

Nothing can ease Duffman’s pain…. apart from a cool, fresh 18-49.
The newest episode of The Simpsons saw a 200,000 drop from last week’s official ratings to 3.59m (adjusted down from the overnight of 3.61m), and also scored a 1.5 and 5 share in the 18-49s, down 6%, the third and second most watched programme in its slot, respectively. The only other FOX show rating higher in total numbers was The Last Man on Earth, which logged a 3.76m figure, getting a 1.6 in the 18-49s, and a share of 4. Family Guy notched the biggest FOX 18-49 of the night, a 1.7 (down 19% from 2.1) and 5 share with a 3.45m in total viewers. Family Guy won FOX’s night in the 18-49 rating, tied with The Simpsons in terms of share, and The Last Man on Earth won in total viewers.

In the UK, the new “Bart’s New Friend” garnered 359,000 viewers when it aired on Sky1 on March 8, down from the previous week’s new ep’s 530,000 official viewers, the lowest-rated episode of this season and is the lowest-rated new episode to air since last June. The episode was the most watched episode of the week on the channel, and placed eighth in the channel’s most-watched programmes of that week. (BARB)

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