It’s the Seemingly Never-Ending Story, and the Seemingly Never-Ending Throwback Thursday!

How is it never-ending when it’s around 20 minutes, like every one is?
We’ve got a big one today, as we’re celebrating a lot of birthdays, including the episode wherein the family get stuck in a cave and Mr. Burns does something with a goat.

“The Seemingly Never-Ending Story, the thirteenth episode in Season 17 and interestingly the ninth episode of the show to be rated TV-14DL in the US, focuses on the family visiting Carl’s Dad Caverns (although, didn’t we find out his adoptive father, who Carl is named after, was Icelandic? Hmm…) and Homer tries to take a piece of a stalactite as a souvenir, but ends up falling through the cave floor and the family being trapped. To pass the time, Lisa tells Homer a long-winded story about Mr. Burns, a sheep, the Rich Texan, a scavenger hunt, and some treasure. Oh, and Moe.

Second on the episodic birthdays, it was this day in 1992 that a cat got sick and somebody shot a duck, as Santa’s Little Helper’s life was on the cliff-edge. And even further back in 1989, Bart’s reverberations causes the Simpsons’ car to nearly plummet into Echo Canyon.

And now, for the other birthdays!

Frank Welker, the recurring guest star well-known for his animal-portraying, was born on this day in 1946. As was James Taylor on this date in 1948, singer and guest starring as himself in “Deep Space Homer”. Kipp Lennon was then born on this date in 1960, known for the singing voice of Leon Kompowsky, who was voiced by Michael Jackson (and Hank Azaria) in “Stark Raving Dad”, but due to contractual reasons (and the fact Jackson wanted to play a joke on his brothers), didn’t sing, so Lennon was used instead. And last, but not least, Darryl Strawberry, the baseball player who guest starred as himself in “Homer at the Bat” was born on this date in 1962.

And that’s it for a lengthy Throwback Thursday (well, in editing it was). See you next week! Unless I make more posts in-between.

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