Confusion amounts, numbers like scrambled eggs

“I hate scrambled eggs…. without bacon in them.”

Updated post here: ‘Simpsons’ top for Fox, rules the roost outside of sports and debate. Didn’t want to delete in case anyone had bookmarked this page.

Original post:

*At present, last night’s new The Simpsons is sitting at 1.5/5 in the 18-49 ratings (down from last week, as is expected for a non-NFL-boosted episode) as is a repeat an hour before – however, Fox decided to label that 7pm repeat (“Halloween of Horror“) as new, and in some areas, local NFL overruns completely cocked up the schedule (at least one Fox affiliate in Los Angeles ran the repeat during the broadcast of the new ep to the West Coast), leaving the repeat with 4.326 million viewers… and the new ep with 3.386. So the new ep got beaten by a 7pm repeat which rated better than when it did last year.

Yeah, I’m waiting for the final numbers.

One thing I can tell you is that the presidential debate definitely ruled the roost last night all in, yet the biggest individual telecast was Sunday Night Football which peaked at over 6.6 and 20 million viewers.

Tomorrow, expect a proper ratings post.

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